5 Best Email Spam Checker Tools in 2020 | Top Email Spam Testing Tools

Isn’t it great to reach out to thousands of people in just one click! Every entrepreneur sending out marketing emails feel it is as a daunting task, and when these emails are tagged as SPAM, it becomes all more overwhelming. One of the popular ways to drive traffic and connect to the potential user base is through email marketing. And so you can use tools that evaluate the subject, content and HTML of your email so that it makes its way directly to the inbox, and figures out if it will be marked as spam or not. So here are have listed the leading 5 best email spam checker tools of 2020.

What are Email Spam Checker Tools?

Deliverability issues are a big thing and affect the success of your email program. And if your emails are landing into the spam folder of your recipient then it will never reach the eyes of your potential client. Such emails are marked by Gmail as “promotion.” There are chances that even after having a good subject line and body, your email marketing program is limited. And the probable reason is due to deliverability issues.

Email spam checker tools are kind of email marketing platforms that flag such issues. And so become proactive and perform such occasional spot-checks.

5 Best Email Spam Checker Tools in 2020

It’s time to integrate your email service provider with spam testing tools and say bye to all the worries of landing in the trash box. Here are the top five email spam checker tools that you can use in 2020.

Litmus Spam Testing

The first email spam tester is by Litmus. This tool scans you emails against various filters so that it can identify the issues and resolve them even before you hit the send button. There are a total of 25 tests and even more across which you email pass so that the cause is identified that is stopping your email from landing into the inbox and offers some actionable advice as well.

Some of the notable features of  include- you can know when you are blacklisted. Yes, you get to check your domain name and your IP address against the frequent blacklists. Also, it notifies immediately if some issue comes up affecting the delivery. Its hands-on practical advice is one of the best features that help the clients resolve issues and reach the right inbox. Check out more features of this tool on their website.


Postmark the transactional email delivery system is providing an email spam checker tool. This email testing tool hosts a sending infrastructure that delivers the transactional emails accurately and quickly to the right inbox. Its API integration helps you to evaluate the quality of your inbound emails.

Managing the span scores can be annoying and so Postmark offers a lightweight I that integrates instantly with your app and processes your score. Postmark is best defined for its speed. It ensures great deliverability and even shares your delivery metrics. Check out more features of Postmark as a spam checker tool on its website. The tool works by handling the IP reputation, feedback loops, blacklists, reverse DNS and other low-level protocols to ensure high deliverability.

Email On Acid

is a tool that will make your life easy. This email spam checker includes features like domain blacklist checking, spam filter scoring on which you can rely. This tool tests the email against the 23 most accepted spam filters. It hosts a robust analytics system, and creates instant stats of deliverability along with easy-to-read graphs.

You can save your money and your business’s reputation with this tool. It works by testing your IP address against the familiar blacklist services. It promises to keep your emails out of the spam folder, and it doesn’t even matter what email service provider you are using.


Getting your email land into the spam box cannot be avoided. And as 40% of the traffic is only spam email, it makes the landing of the legitimate emails into the recipient’s inbox all the more difficult. As an email spam checker, improves your email deliverability, enhance your IP reputation, and keep your campaigns off the blacklists.

As an online spam checker, it checks the IP address of the client or their domain names against the usual blacklists. It also looks at the subject line and content of the email to ensure that your messages are considered legitimate and not flagged as spam emails. You will get the best spam score in the test results that it will produce so that you can tweak the subject lines, content and other parts of the campaign.


SpamAssassin is the last in our list of best spam checker which is an open-source platform that gives you as a system administrator the chance to filter and classify the emails and block the spam and abusive and unwanted bulk email.

It has a robust scoring framework along with the option to integrate with plug-ins and a huge range of advanced statistical and heuristic analysis tests on both the email headers as well as the body text. This includes text analysis along with DNS block-lists, Bayesian filtering and collaborative filtering databases. Its local and network tests allow you to identify the spam signatures. It’s easy to configure and comes with an abstract API that allows integration with a variety of email systems.

Wrapping Up

That’s all people. We hope that your brand reaches millions of people and not land into the spam box. These tools will surely help you get faster and accurate results. Let us know your opinion of these tools in the comment section.

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