7 Best language learning apps

Smartphones usually play a crucial role in our daily lives, and they’re among the best tools that help us learn new languages. You can choose the language you want to learn or polish up your existing language with a mobile app. Some give you access to personal tutors and free lessons, but you will need to pay for the premium features.

Rather than scrolling through your Instagram and Facebook pages for the trending topics, you can utilize your smartphone to practice grammar and chat with native speakers to improve your vocabulary skills in a particular language.

We have discussed different language learning apps that will assist you from the beginner to the native language level.


Do you want to start learning a new language with native English tutors or professional teachers from all over the world? Well, LiveXP got you covered! You can learn any language with private online lessons. As a learner, you will be able to select your learning duration in LiveXP and take advantage of the discounted lesson packages. At the very beginning, set your language goals to see the tutors who can help you with them the most. This effective app, which functions as a website, helps you study whenever you want and from any place. It keeps you updated on your lessons, the tutor, and when to attend.


Duolingo is another popular smartphone app for learning foreign languages. It usually combines auditory and visual learning processes, thus, boosting your language memory. Also, it incorporates intriguing games and fun into the learning to test your language skills. Duolingo has different levels, and every exercise allows you to advance to the next level. This means that its lessons are progressive, and every new lesson builds on the previous one. Additionally, accessing the next lesson is conditional-you have to attain the maximum number of the correct answers.


Preply is a language learning app that allows you to learn fundamental skills through private lessons with expert tutors. You begin by choosing the tutor you will enjoy having your lessons with from beginner to advanced stage. Check their profiles, watch their short introduction videos, and read student reviews before engaging any of them. Set your availability and budget, then book your lessons and learn through video calls anywhere.


Mondly supports many languages and primarily focuses on conversational language learning than repetitive vocabulary learning. First, you learn how to talk to other individuals, and later on, you learn how to talk in that particular language. Mondly comes with a phrasebook, Google ARCore support, and speech recognition for vocal practice.


Real-life conversations are one of the best strategies for improving language skills. iTalki is typically a tutoring platform that allows learners to find direct support with friendly tutors who greatly helps them find their voice. Real conversations assist you in improving your vocabulary while also testing your knowledge of the language. The trial sessions allow you to get a tutor suited to your learning style.


This is a great language learning app for beginners which uses the elaborate encoding concept. The concept basically operates on the belief that focusing on memorization only isn’t the best strategy but helps you significantly create a connection between the language you’re learning and your native language. This application eliminates the risk of learning new languages and struggling to speak the languages in real-world situations. You will also go through some tests that reinforce the language you have learned.


Verbling is an excellent mobile app designed for any learner to grasp a new language however and whenever they want to. Generally, the only way to learn a new language is to speak it! Verbling enables you to learn different languages with native tutors. It has an inbuilt video chat tool for connecting directly with teachers. All you just need is to log in to the app with your smartphone, book, and take your preferred language lessons!

A combination of strategies will significantly boost your understanding of a new language. Apart from the apps for learning languages online, you can also:

  • Watch YouTube videos with or without subtitles
  • Keep a list of new vocabularies using Evernote or Google Keep
  • Listen to foreign music on Spotify
  • Use the WordReference app
  • Message your friends on WhatsApp and other messaging apps

It doesn’t matter your level now; the language apps above will significantly help you through the beginner, intermediate, and advanced language learning stages from your smartphone. However, everything needs planning! Create time for learning and since phones can be distracting, consider turning your social media notifications off to keep you on track while learning a new language. Don’t be left out. Revolutionize language learning with your smartphone today!

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