A brief guide to Kissflow Workflow

Are you familiar with something called a workflow? It is a sequence of processes that allow you to complete a specific task. They are utilized in almost every business and industry.

For instance, when you join a company, there is an onboarding process followed by the human resources department. The order in which the entire process is done, from orientation to completion, is called a workflow. They can be either manual or automated.

Automated workflows are operated by platforms or software that make the process faster, quicker, and more efficient. is currently the best workflow automation platform available in the market. Among the several reasons behind its enormous popularity, one is that it does not require the user to possess any prior coding experience.

Why should you choose Workflow Kissflow?

From the above, it is clear that workflow automation is necessary for any organization. However, it is also important to remember that having the right workflow automation platform is equally crucial.

Although various automation software is available, not all guarantee the best outcomes. Kissflow Workflow is a cloud-based workflow automation platform guaranteed to provide the results you want.

Here are a few reasons why it’s so popular with famous companies worldwide.

It is easy to use

Perhaps no other automated software is as easy to use as Kissflow . The user-friendly and intuitive interface ensures that employees can create their workflows soon after installation.

A significant advantage of Kissflow is that it does not require any training. It also allows employees to build forms without knowing anything about coding.

Cloud-based computing

There are several benefits of cloud-based workflow automation tools: easy accessibility, reliability, security, and data scalability. Employees can access whatever data they need, even on their smartphones and related devices. Further, since all the documents are stored in one place and a single format, there is consistency in data storage, which minimizes the errors.

Simple inter-process integration

Kissflow Workflow also offers simple inter-process integrations with Application Programming Interfaces or APIs with tools like Zapier, Amazon EC2, Slack, and Dropbox. Seamless integrations enable the users to share tasks and combine data across various systems.

It is also the best workflow for Google Apps within G Suite. As soon as you install Kissflow from the Google Apps Marketplace, it becomes available for all the employees in the organization from the Pull-Down Menu.

Analytics and reporting

Kissflow Workflow also provides easily understandable and customizable analytics and reporting. It lets users generate custom reports, use dashboards, and gain valuable insights into processes that involve process metrics. Users can also analyze and track the progress of their workflow at every stage.

Build forms quickly

With the Kissflow platform, users can easily create a form, change its design, configure the integration, and eventually run the workflow. Since the entire process is flexible and allows a high level of customization, it helps organizations save time usually spent on complex workflows.

What are some of its advantages?

The apparent advantage of Kissflow Workflow automated software is that it automates your workflow process and saves you considerable time in the process. It also eliminates unnecessary processes, minimizes errors, and ensures a high level of productivity amongst employees.

Kissflow is also highly team-friendly. The process-based activity allows for greater collaboration, offers contextual information and alerts, and sends relevant items to the team members. Another significant benefit of the platform is that requests are organized into one workflow, which lets you easily switch between requests.

Using this software, organizations can ensure that the work is organized and employees are clear on their roles and responsibilities. There is also greater transparency as everybody has equal access to the data unless the manager or someone decides to restrict the access to sensitive information.

Using the Kissflow software also reduces the chances of errors occurring in the processes. Even the slightest errors related to authentication, HTTP, index, system, key, resource, timeout, value, and type can upset the working of the entire process. Although it is challenging, and some would say impossible, to have zero errors, Kissflow helps you identify and prevent them in advance.

Another significant benefit is that it differentiates the responsibilities of every department in the organization and ensures that each of them performs the role they have been assigned.

Templates available in Kissflow 

It isn’t easy to find an automated platform service like Kissflow Workflow that has a collection of over 200 templates in one place. The templates are available across six categories: sales, customer support, admin & ops, procurement, finance, and human resources. For instance, the various templates available under finance include petty cash requests, accounts receivable, travel requests, contract renewal, marketing budgeting, purchase request, employee expenses claim, and freelancer payment. Using these templates will let you streamline your business processes efficiently.

Is it easy to create a workflow with Kissflow?

Creating a workflow with the Kissflow software is straightforward and involves three easy steps. In the first step, you have to select a specific form that will show you all the necessary data you require. You can do this by attaching the PDF with an invoice or integrating your workflow with tables, sequence numbers, and auto-populating custom fields. In the second step, you can create the workflow while assigning a one-step or two-step approval process. The last step is to put the workflow into action. Since Kissflow does not require any coding experience, your users can also create apps within a short period.

Kissflow is the best workflow for Google

If you are searching for the best workflow platform for Google, your search ends with Kissflow. It is the best option to create workflows for Google Apps within G Suite. Once you have installed it from the Google Apps Store, your colleagues will have the ability to access it from the Google Apps Pull Down Menu. You can also attach your documents from Google Drive as the software has a deep integration with it. Administering and provisioning of users with Google Admin Console become easy as Kissflow syncs your user base and groups.

An automated workflow has a plethora of benefits for any organization or business. Selecting the Kissflow Workflow cloud-based automated platform will ensure that they can manage their business process in the most efficient, effortless, and quickest way possible.

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