A Comprehensive Guide To CPQ Software 

Winning customers is that easy?

Go and ask any sales representative!

Every sales representative knows well that knowing the customers is not easy at all. Even if they agree to buy your solutions, there is a “but” attached to it

With the rise of competition in the market, there is a rising trend for highly specialized and customized products.

This is great news for the buyers because they get customized products. Apart from this, there are also some business development softwares that you could download from the Pirate Bay; to download, .

But for the sellers, it turns out to be an intriguing thing, that is the pricing. Here CPQ softwares has its role to play in the overall development. So let’s know about CQP software in detail.

What Is CPQ?

CPQ stands for configuring, pricing, and quotes, and it is typically used to describe systems used by sellers to provide accurate quotes for multiple configurable products.

The ultimate objective of the CPQ software is to make the sales cycle effective, productive, and successful.


Through the software, quotes for personalized products are easily computed. Thus the customers get the products at the exact prices. When your customers are happy, so are you, thanks to CPQ.

Signs That Tell You Need CPQ

There are certain circumstances when you understand that you badly need CPQ to assist your business:

  1. Firstly, when the revenue growth outpaces your operating ability.
  2. You are building on a recurring revenue stream.
  3. You are searching for practical ways to implement advanced business solutions like  Artificial Intelligence enabled softwares.
  4. You are using Legacy Quote Configuration.
  1. You are sending faulty sales quotes to your customers and clients.
  1. All your sales quotes are manually reviewed by your employees.

How CPQ Software Works

CPQ softwares enables businesses to increase sales, production, and speed. Breaking the effectiveness of CPQ, we get:


In this context, CPQ refers to the configuration of your product. Buyers presently need customized products, and businesses provide them with customized needs.

The businesses are offering customized solutions. So they are able to serve the needs of the individual customers.

This software works to configure complex product offerings that will fit exactly what they are ordered for. Now when you direct the software to configure, they do it accurately. This successfully escapes human errors.


This actually delineates the price structure. Customers want to pay a reasonable price for their products. They won’t pay more.

Therefore while preparing for the customized products, you will have to be mindful of the costs. CPQ uses Artificial Intelligence to pick up the price that customers are actually willing to pay.


When the configuration is done, the customer expects that the Quotation too will be error-free. With the software creating personalized quotes turns out to be easy now.

Benefits Of CPQ

There are numerous benefits that you are going to get if you are using CPQ software.

1. Increased Sales Efficiency

The efficiency of Sales depends on interaction with your customers. Between the interactions, the Sales representative does quite a number of tedious business processes.

It is found from a study that for a sales representative, around 70% of the time is spent on administrative tasks.

On the other hand, they get only 30% of the time for customer interaction. CPQ removes a lot of the administrative work and enables Sales Reps to focus mainly on customer handling.

2. Collaboration For Accurate Quotes  

The salespersons are not the only one who needs to get involved in the Quoting process. Customer success, Legal teams, and Financial times also play their role in placing the accurate quote.

Therefore the CPQ softwares allows multiple departments to collaborate in the product Quotation process. It helps immensely in the Customer relationship process, that’s for sure.

3. CPQ Helps You Increase Savings And Revenue

CPQ configures accurately. And that is why they bring more efficiency into the entire management.

With CPQ applications, widespread benefits are leveraged by the company. Using CPQ software enables the sellers to replicate the best sales practices. And the entire process turns out to be highly professional and seamless, thanks to the efficiency of CPQ softwares.


It can be understood that CPQs have proved their mettle in difficult configurations

The businesses are leveraging benefits out of the system and bringing in professional development internally to your business.

So CPQ stands extremely tall in understanding the requirements of customers and sellers.

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