Are Online Casinos Still Trustworthy in 2021?

Gambling online is more popular than ever, with millions playing a huge range of games every hour of every day. More and more online casinos are springing up, aiming to tempt the punters with new games, great offers, and competitive odds. However, with the increasing number of casinos online comes concern over the safety and security they offer. All players want peace of mind when they are spending their hard-earned money, and rightly wish to avoid rogue casinos with rigged games, false offers, and delayed payouts. It’s well worth investing time in finding a reliable and secure casino before you invest any of your money.

Be a Smart Punter

If you’re a keen player of casino games you’ll want to enjoy yourself without having to worry about whether or not your money, details, and data are safe. It pays, literally, to spend some time researching gambling, comparison, and watchdog sites to make sure you are playing safely, with a reliable and transparent operator. In addition to promoted casino services ranked on the comparison sites, you will find the blacklist – sites deemed untrustworthy, those with leaky security, lax attitudes towards customer data, and illegal practices. Legal and legitimate options exist to play online casino games in 2021, so put the time into finding a reliable place to play – you don’t want to be gambling with your security.

Safe Technology

Any website which requests payment information from its users needs to have a reliable and secure infrastructure. The software which runs the website must be certified and reputable and must be tested by third-party auditors to prove that it is not only secure but also fair for the players. There are, in fact, several independent authorities which continuously test casino games developers’ software, and provide a seal of approval for the website to display. Any reliable and trustworthy site will update its certification information several times over the course of a year. Many online casinos use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) or TLS (Transport Layer Security) certificates to guarantee the highest level of customer security – this encrypts all sensitive information and means that a site is secure place, not only for payment information but for personal data too.

Legal Loopholes

Many US states haven’t yet legalized online gambling, although many look poised to reverse this position given the rapid industry boom in states like New Jersey. For some states such as Ohio and South Carolina, there is a certain ambiguity in legislation. Many players opt to use Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) to circumvent restrictions in their area (also known as Geo-blocking). VPNs work by disguising the IP address which is sent when a user accesses a site. Online gamblers can benefit from this by accessing otherwise restricted services and protecting their anonymity whilst doing so. Many opt for advanced VPNs which allow more than one server connection (especially good for players who use mobile devices and their computers to play).

Secure Payment

One of the biggest concerns punters have when gambling online is finding a safe place to input their financial details. Bank details, card numbers, security codes – all of it is crucially sensitive data that needs to be handled with the utmost security. We already mentioned the heightened security provided by sites with SSL and TLS protection, which creates a secure, encrypted environment for the exchange of banking information. An online casino needs to make sure that payments in and out of the site are made in a timely fashion – in fact, delayed payments in or out should set the alarm bells ringing for any diligent punter.

Trustworthy casinos usually process transactions quickly compared with rogue sites or those with outdated or redundant security systems. In addition, trustworthy casinos always offer certified, trusted payment methods, such as Paypal, Visa, Apple, or Amazon to name but a few. Punters should carefully read all the terms and conditions provided by the casino before playing so that there is no confusion (or unexpected fees or charges) down the line.

In such a busy industry with such a high turnover, there are always going to be sharks, frauds, and unstable services out there. Anyone who enjoys playing online casino games must remember – knowledge is power! The key to enjoying yourself is making sure you’re safe, to begin with.


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