AWP Gun — What does AWP Gun Stand for?

The online video gaming industry is divided into different genres according to the type of games played. There are shooter games, adventure games, racing games, puzzles, fighting games, and sports games, etc. The shooter games are further subdivided into categories such as first-person shooter games, third-person shooter games, hero shooters, mobile shooter games, etc. All of the shooting games require some sorts of guns being used in them. Mostly players are given an option to select the weapon of their choice out of a range of weapons. One of the most widely used video games guns is the AWP gun.

What is an AWP Gun?

AWP gun is the short form of Arctic Warfare Police gun. Previously called Magnum Sniper Rifle, AWP guns belong to the Arctic Warfare family of guns manufactured by Accuracy International of the United Kingdom.

The Arctic Warfare family of guns consists of a series of sniper rifles, which include AWP, AWM, and various others. First designed in 1982, these guns have been used in many wars such as the Iraq War, Afghanistan War, the Syrian Civil War, and the North Caucasus insurgency.

The Arctic Warfare guns family has aluminum chassis which have all other features bolted on to them. Other than this, they can be divided into two categories according to their lengths: the AWs are the short length and SM are the longer ones, also called Magnum.

AWP guns are very powerful guns with precision and speed. They can fire approximately 41 Rounds per Minute (RPM) and weighs around 6kgs after being loaded. Arctic Warfare Family of guns is popular for military and law enforcement purposes, especially the Arctic Warfare Police guns.

AWP Gun in Video Games

AWP guns have served as the inspiration for warfare used in many video games such as PUBG, Counter-Strike, Counter-Strike Beta, Counter-Strike Xbox, Counter-Strike Condition Zero, Counter-Strike Source, and Counter-Strike Global Offensive.

AWP guns, when adapted for use in video games, are the replicate of their real-life versions. Fast, precise, and designed to kill the opponent in one shot, AWP guns are ’High risk, High reward’ weapons. While on one hand, AWP guns used in video games have extraordinary powers, their reload speed, on the contrary, is a bit slow. This serves as a drawback to their popularity for never missing the target and hitting it in the right place.

The cost of each AWP gun’s magazine in the game is around $125, and it holds the capacity of 10-30 round magazines. Though this gun is highly accurate when it comes down to locating and hitting its target, it does come at a high price, which makes it not-so-affordable for all players. This gun is available to both the parties playing against each other and is not offered as a privilege to any one side.

Why AWP Guns Are So Famous in Video Games?

The AWP guns are popular within the video gaming industry because of their immense power and ability to kill. These are dangerous weapons that require proper training before the player can use them. The AWP guns cannot be just picked up by anyone. Players need to be trained, or else they will find it a cumbersome task to use them.

AWP guns require about 2.5-3.7 seconds reloading and working accurately within the range of 69m. These guns can zoom in and out and modify range accordingly. AWP guns can be used underwater as well, and if a person targets another for a headshot, then their demise is guaranteed in the game.

Are There Any Downsides of using AWP Guns in Video Games?

When a player opts for using an AWP gun in their shooter game, they expect the weapon to perform accurately, timely, with precision and speed to even hit a moving target. What they do not expect is a mismanaged scope for zooming in on the target or a stuck bullet when a round is being fired.

Similarly, the players also do not want to miss shots because of the gun is too heavy or too complicated to be handled by a person single-handedly. The weapons used as warfare are generally expected to work at the most uncertain of times with a 100% accurate shot.

While the AWP family excels in many areas of warfare, it does have certain drawbacks to work with. One of them is its complexity of functions and handling, which makes it an ordeal for the person handling it. Secondly, it has an expensive price tag, which causes the players to go for other weapons available to choose from. Thus, AWP is generally one of the most extensively-used weapons in video games, but they do have their drawbacks too.

Although AWP guns are the best option to select when playing shooter games, having knowledge about other types of guns and warfare being used in the game is equally important. A person who wants to play shooter games, whether first person or third person, needs to broaden their scope of understanding of guns and which ones are better suited for what kinds of operation from the weapons allowed to be used in the game.

Having sound knowledge allows the player who chooses to play a real-time game with a team, to make better strategic decisions regarding weapons. This person is also able to play the part assigned to them nicely and handle the weapon decently.

In summation, AWP guns have for long served as the best option for video games. Each new version of a game adapted their designs and models according to the AWP weapon models available. Their prices in the game are also set according to their real-life prices. Other than AWP guns, the AWM guns are also used in video games. They are faster and have a longer range than AWP guns. Both of these guns are incorporated into a game’s range of weapons according to their features and functionality.

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