Bathroom Expansion Ideas for Your Growing Family

The small, personal bathroom in your home was fine when it was only you and your partner in your family. However, you can expect the small space to feel cramped with one or more additions. So, it is in your best interest to start considering how to expand your bathroom options. Here are a few ideas on what to do for your bathroom expansion.

Remodel your main bathroom

One good idea for expansion is to remodel your current bathroom. It might surprise you how much extra space you can get from a simple remodel. Next, you should sit down with a contractor and consider how much space you can recover.

For example, a recommended move would be removing the bathtub and installing a shower stall instead. With a , you should be able to reclaim a lot of space and provide additional square footage for your bathroom. Another recommendation is to use the walls intelligently for shelving and storage. This approach allows for more floor area that you can use.

Expand into an adjacent room

Even if your bathroom is in the corner of the house, you should be able to expand it to the adjacent room. Depending on the room’s purpose, it might not need all that space. For example, a guest room will mainly need only a bed and some space for overnight storage. Reducing the area in that room to expand your bathroom is a reasonable idea. You will need to estimate how much bigger your expansion will be.

Complete conversion of an empty room

You can abandon your old bathroom and fully convert a room into your new one. It will be very time-consuming, but it can be worth it. You will need to add some significant plumbing and new flooring, but a massive bathroom is a great way to boost property value. Additionally, if you want to pamper yourself, this is an excellent way to do it. The space will allow the installation of things like a bathtub and other luxuries. Your main obstacle would be which room to convert. For example, one or some of your children might have left the house. If they do not return, use their room for your new bathroom.

Consider a second bathroom

A second bathroom might be a good move if you can afford it. For those living in houses with multiple floors, making sure there is a bathroom on the first floor can make it convenient for many people. Instead of having to climb the stairs to the master’s bathroom, they can use this bathroom. You will have to decide whether it will be more of a powder room for cleaning up or a complete alternate to the main bathroom.

Final thoughts

A large bathroom or two is a necessity for a growing family. Generally, you don’t want to wait for your turn regarding bathing, grooming, or other necessities. The ideas above should give you some great ideas on what to do to ensure your family’s comfort.

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