Best Media Player for Windows 10

The Media Player for Windows 10 is the thing by which you and I can view and listen to the music and videos on the computer. Media player are of so many types, and there are lots of people who suggest things like use this and that, but in the end, we only use that media player which is familiar to us. There are too many different things in the market but choose the media player which is suitable for your windows and also which supports many formats at one time. There is this Windows media player which comes by default in our computer which lacks a lot of things in compare of other media player. So here in this article, we have covered Best media player for windows 10, so that you can see the videos of fine quality.

Best media player for windows 10

There is a list of some of the Best media player for windows 10 that will help to choose which one is best for you. To know about the media player that you are using and which media player you must choose, then go through our article where things are given in Detail.

VlC Media Player

VLC is totally free, and it is at the top regarding the popularity. VLC is a powerful tool where you can do many advanced settings. It is free so you can use in your computer without thinking about the money part. It also has a tweak option and there is one drawback that it becomes slow in older hardware. It plays CDs, DVDs, MP4, AVI, MKV and what not. There is no need to download VLC just have to install and fiddle with the Codecs. VLC is not a new thing in the market and working from 2001, and so people think it as the most reliable media player.

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Some Of the feature

  • Hardware acceleration for fast GPU playback.
  • Customize appearance with the VLC Skin Editor.
  • Available on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android.

2. Pot Player

Potplayer is from South Korea and has a strong brand name. It is also considered as the pioneer of all the media players. Vlc has mostly the same feature as Potplayer. It has so many out of the box solution for the user. It can also deal with large files and also work efficiently when the files or videos are huge. There are lots of advanced option in Potplayer so the user can work like a pro. It also has the option like scene previews, bookmarks, clip recording and many more. Potplayer is free but not an open source.

Some of the feature

  • Detail information and a smooth user interface.
  • Supports online streaming with most mainstream protocols.
  • Better handling of large files (Blu-ray) and cutting-edge formats.
  • Available on Windows only.

3. Media Player Classic

Some of the feature

  • Extremely lightweight, which means great performance on old machines.
  • Advanced features like subtitle downloads and Skype integration.
  • Available on Windows only.

4. ACG Player

Media player Classic is considered as a lightweight, but when you use ACG, your mind will be blown. It is available in the Microsoft store and one of the most underrated media player who has most of the advanced feature. It has the most simple user interface, and along with that, it has touch-based controls in its system. This was made for Windows 10 tablets, but it also has a keyboard shortcut alternative. Thus it can be said that ACG player is one of the Best media players for windows 10 and you can definitely try this in your Pc. One of the Best media player for windows 10.

Some Of the Feature

  • Simple, gesture-based interface. Great for tablets!
  • Supports most media codecs out of the box.
  • Available on windows.
  • Free of cost and fast too.

5. MPV

It is also open source Platform and also of the free media player mostly equal to the VLC. It is harder then VlC if you want stuff other than watching videos. It is more efficient and carries very less resource in comparison to other media player. In whole, it cannot be considered as the best, but you can always give it a try!

Some of the Feature

  • Lightweight and more efficient.
  • Minimal, mouse-based user interface.
  • Supports most media codecs out of the box.
  • Excellent video quality, even when scaling.

For smooth and longtime running of any media player, I will suggest Media Player Classic which is the oldest media player with all the advanced feature. To know more about any of the Tech related stuff, visit us on .

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