Everything You Need to Know About Sorare

Sorare is an exhilarating global fantasy football game based on the Ethereum blockchain. Think of it as a combination of FIFA Ultimate Team, Panini sticker collecting, Football Manager, and Fantasy Premier League all rolled into one!

In this game, you can trade, buy, sell, manage, and scout a team of licensed digital player cards to enjoy cash prizes every week. These cards are NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens, and each card comes with one of four rarities – Unique, Super Rare, Rare, and Limited.

Each week, points are awarded to these cards depending on the real-life player’s performances. The monetary value of Sorare cards depends on the demand of those players by other fantasy managers.

Trusted by some of the biggest names in football and numerous clubs around the world, you can also join this ultimate fantasy football game today and enjoy an exclusive Tournaments in this game are held twice a week. You can play them for free and win big rewards in the form of player cards and Ethereum. You can also trade cards to build an impressive collection.

How To Play

Sorare is a very easy game to play, and tournaments are held two times a week among teams made up of 5 players. These teams are called S05 teams, and each team must have one defender, one forward, one goalkeeper, and one midfielder. You can then select an extra forward, midfielder or defender to complete your team of 5 members.

The captain is selected from among these five members. He is awarded additional points on matchday score, so make sure that you choose a player capable of producing a good score.

There are several tournaments in Sorare, with five divisions in each one. The lowest division is Division 5, and this is where you are most likely to build your first S05 team.

Various Tournaments Played in Sorare

The different Sorare tournaments include:

  • Global all-star: Here you can play any card you have.
  • Champion Asia: Players from South Korea and Japan leagues play in this tournament.
  • Champion Europe: In this tournament, you can enter player cards from Europe’s top 5 leagues, including England, Germany, France, Spain, and Italy.
  • Challenger Europe: This tournament is for leagues not part of the Champion Europe League, including the Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, etc.
  • Global Under 23: This tournament is only for under 23 years old players.
  • Mix Leagues: Here you can use former football legends to participate in specialist leagues.
  • Global Uniques: In this tournament, only the most expensive cards, known as uniques, can compete.
  • Special Training: You can place your unused players here to increase their XP.

You can enter any of these tournaments for free if you have the relevant cards, with there being different divisions to cater to all budgets and managers. High scorers receive cash prizes and player cards.

Points are awarded for passes, assists, goals, and other vital actions during the game and are deducted for losing possession, fouls, etc. The maximum score any one player can get is 100 points.

Player Cards

Player cards are available in four different rarities, and their purchase is processed through blockchain. These include Limited, Uniques, Super Rare, and Rares. There are 1000 copies of each player in the Limited card category for each season and ten copies in the Super Rare card category.

Unique cards are the most expensive and powerful cards. There is just one card for each player for each season.

These different cards have different power, called XP, which is the percentage bonus given to a player’s card score on match days. You can increase a card’s XP by playing it regularly in training and tournaments. Rares have a lower XP than Uniques and Super Rares, as the latter two are more scarce.

All Sorare player cards are NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens. NFT is a unit of data stored on a digital ledger known as the blockchain, which is used by Sorare to record all player card purchases and sales.

These transactions are carried out against Ethereum, which is the 2nd largest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. If you need to purchase player cards, you will need to spend some crypto cash in the form of Ethereum.

Buying Player Cards

Player cards can be bought from the new sign-in section called the primary market, and new cards are added to this market by Sorare themselves. There is also the transfer market section or the secondary market where you can buy and sell cards from other Sorare managers.

A list of player cards in the secondary market allows you to see the player cards and their price as listed by other managers. You can buy the player card at the displayed price or make an offer of your own.

You can also sell your player cards by listing them on the secondary market. Your card will be displayed there for two days, after which, if it does not sell, you can relist it again.

Getting Started

You can play Sorare for free from any part of the world. But before you can compete in a tournament, it is best to familiarize yourself with the various features of the game:

  • Create your club: Choose a Club Name, Logo, and a Nickname to create your basic identity for the account.
  • Select three favorite clubs: Sorare will then pick your player cards from these clubs.
  • Receive your player cards: Select the ‘Open Pack’ option to receive your player cards.
  • Join a League: Join your first league to begin earning points by participating in weekly tournaments.
  • Create your team: Select a team from the players you have for each position.
  • Set up Two-Factor Authentication: By confirming your details from a second device before providing access, Sorare ensures greater account security.


Competing for the top prize in Sorare by building high-performance teams makes you feel like a real football manager. Its use of the Ethereum blockchain takes the experience of collecting physical football cards or stickers to a whole new level. This game provides fantasy managers with real opportunities to create a valuable card collection and enjoy a high return on their investment.

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