Free Amazon Gift Card Code Generators 2022

We all know that Amazon is one of the largest online retailers worldwide. It sells various products, including electronics, toys, furniture, apparel, jewelry, kitchen, mobiles, office appliances, and much more. Not only does it sell products of other brands, but it also creates consumer electronics like Kindle E-reader, Fire tablets, Fire TV, and Echo. Amazon also has retail websites for other countries, including the United States, China, India, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, and many others. And now, the most fantastic thing about Amazon comes from “Gift cards.”

Yes, this gift card is virtual, meaning you can share it with anyone without any effort. There are many online generators to create free Amazon gift cards and codes. But it is not an easy task to find Amazon Gift Card Generator to get genuine free Amazon gift cards in 2020.

What is an ?

So basically, an Amazon gift card is used for purchasing a product on Amazon. You can also use it to buy Kindle eBooks, Amazon Music, and Amazon Videos. You must purchase a gift card from retailers and then redeem it into your Amazon account. Nowadays, many people prefer giving gift cards on special occasions to their friends and loved ones so that the receiver can purchase anything of their choice.

So check out how you can get Amazon Gift Cards to give your loved ones.

How to get free Amazon Gift Cards?

Consider yourself lucky, for we have some instant methods for you that can get you the free cards and Amazon gifts that are real in 2022.

You can subscribe to the promotional emails with Amazon to receive updates. So, when you check your email, you will observe that Amazon regularly gives you the option to spend money in exchange for gift cards.

Amazon itself is willing to take all of your old or unused goods. The best part about using Amazon Trade-In is that it covers all the shipping costs.

All in all, it is pure profit for your exchange. The gain is automatically given as an Amazon gift card code. You can also exchange your old Novels and Textbooks for gift cards. Check the potential profit on the gift cards by searching for the thing you’ll trade-in. You can check Amazon’s Official Trade-In page for more details, terms, and conditions.

Swagbucks, as you know, has been ruling this category and is the largest and most famous of the “Get Paid To” (GPT) websites. With Swagbucks, you get dozens of ways to earn “Swag Bucks” through reward points, including promotions, social media sharing, or even electronic trade-ins.

It also has an app to earn gift cards on iPhone, Android smartphones, iPads, or other devices. The site offers high-value free stuff like Amazon gift cards, Steam Wallet cards, PayPal balances, and much more.

PrizeRebel is one such GPT site known for its remarkable support for users. It offers a service that can earn you reward points from its website, which you can directly use from your account to order from Amazon.

MyPoints site provides daily rewards for its users by doing a different number of tasks. This GPT site offers payouts for playing games, watching videos, reading emails, and shopping online from their affiliates.

So, you can enjoy while you stack up to the rewards points for purchasing gift cards or even LED TVs.

Mechanical Turk is a branch of Amazon itself. It is not strictly a survey site nor a GPT site; instead, it is a crowdsourcing site. It lets you make money on mTurk by doing all kinds of short tasks.

The rewards are then paid straight to your Amazon Pay account, which you can apparently spend on Amazon goods or even transfer straight into your bank account. This handful of websites lets you earn extra money with your spare time.

These websites offer free Amazon gift cards in exchange for filling out survey forms which only cost a minute. The websites reward you with cash, prizes, and gift cards for participation.

Also, most of them are genuine, so you can quickly join them for free.

SurveySpot, as the name indicates, works on the same paths and offers a higher payout regarding the reward points. After filling out several forms, you can use them to get an Amazon gift card.

You would argue that you’re not getting the card for free, but with some of the options, you are trading things you don’t even own for the applicable Amazon gift card code that you can use to purchase anything from the online mega-store.

Cardpool ()

Cardpool is the official website for trading things and is the online website where you can sell your unused gift cards.

They allow most brands’ gift cards so that you can convert them into something specific that you need. It also offers hard cash for gift cards so you can purchase the Amazon gift card or product directly.

Bing Rewards is a straightforward way for free Amazon rewards. The process is simple, and you need to register with Bing Rewards. Then, you’ll start getting points every time you search on Bing. There is a daily limit on the points you earn, so you don’t have to push yourself to reap those rewards.

Gazelle is yet another spot to sell your electronics in exchange for the Amazon gift card. The rates are competitive and provide payment through PayPal, apart from Amazon gift cards. So, if you have any electronics without a scratch or ding on the product, Gazelle will pay you the best for the electronics.

What is an ?

Amazon gift card generator is a web-based application that generates codes similar to genuine Amazon gift card codes. Amazon code generator, therefore, is an easy and free-to-use tool that lets you generate an unlimited number of gift cards. Since this one is web-based, you need not worry about security. But one must also be aware that these generators are fake and scams. They do not earn free Amazon gift card codes that work in real-time.

Amazon gift card generator working is a simple and efficient code generator developed by a team of programmers. You do not have to install software compatible with PC, Android, iOS, and other gadgets. You get many generators online that will do your job of getting Amazon Gift Cards.

How to use Amazon Gift Card Generator?

For free Amazon gift card codes on the Free Gift Codes Generator, follow the steps below to get your codes.

Step 1- Go to the Amazon Gift Card Code Generator.

Step 2- Select your country. You will see gift cards. Click on generate button.

Step 3- The process takes a few min to complete. Then click the Next button.

Step 4- You will finally get your free Amazon gift card generated in a popup.

You can now gift these Amazon gift cards and codes to someone as a gift without thinking much about the gift.

How to ?

After you get the complete working of our generator, you can now use this guide to redeem your generated Amazon gift card codes in your account.

Step 1- Open the Amazon website and log into your account.

Step 2- Enter your Amazon login details. Go to the redeem Amazon gift card page.

Step 3- Paste or type the code. Click on Apply to claim your gift card.

Step 4- When the website verifies your code, it automatically adds the balance to your Amazon Pay account.

Amazon Gift Card Codes 2022 Examples

Here is the list of free Amazon gift card codes so that you can continue shopping on Amazon.

  1. B9CE-DN3JBM-B7NL5
  2. G5KD-JFJ67T-88XV4
  3. WCNF-4WN5S3-9WAN7
  4. T96W-49V6JA-7662U
  5.  R6D6-SBV5S5-D3J84
  8. 5AG7-PW8ANM-LDV9Z
  9. 2FKT-47SMW9-G5PQ8
  10. 23E5-EKTCB6-TWGBL
  13. 3VY7-4RFUNC-ZM96L
  14. L5SH-9PAWS5-6LQCR
  17. JJ3H-BUPSQD-A869K
  18. HVTG-WG5XU4-5CS6P

Wrapping Up!

Getting Amazon gift cards to send your loved ones is always a great idea. Many online Amazon gift card generators can earn you free Amazon gift card codes, but remember that all such are scams. But here in this article, I have mentioned all the working and legit methods that can get you free Amazon gift card codes to enjoy.

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