GPU Fan Not Spinning – How to Fix

If you are a gamer then you know GPU is one of the most important element for high-end gaming. Today we have many GPUs from different manufacturers. Many GPUs have 2 or more fans for cooling. Recently many Gamers have reported that they are facing this serious issue related to GPU Fan. They have reported that they are facing GPU Fan Not Spinning and GPU fan not working black screen display.

GPU fan not spinning issue is every serious for PC Gamers. If you have noticed that GPU is overheating then this is the perfect guide for you. Overheating is bad for gaming.

Solve GPU Fan Not Spinning Issue

It is necessary to repair the problem when you realize it. This can be unbelievably frustrating and may signal that there’s a possible issue. This is a typical problem which will take place during 1 or 2 decades. Issues with the GPU Fans could possibly be slowing the laptop’s performance. This probably might result from different factors.

Typically, in case the CPU fan is broken, it is going to quit running. If he is not installed well, it might stop working normally. For that reason, it’s extremely important to purchase a suitable and good GPU fan for your computer to prevent this kind of problem.

Method 1: Stress Your GPU

Many GPUs are working fine without a fan, but when you overclock them, they hit a specific temperature. This can be a very serious issue. In such a case, if your GPU Fan is not working then you will face GPU overheat issue.

So to identify this issue, you have to do this Stress test on your GPU. There are many stress test tools are available in the market. You can also download MSI Afterburner. You can install it to manually to set Fan speed. You can always change the setting to active cooling in the GPU.

Even after all of this the GPU Fan Not Spinning then you have some serious issue and you have to fix it.

Method 2: Update Drivers

If you are using Windows, then it is required to use updated drivers. Microsoft keeps releasing a new update for Windows 10 regularly. To make your device compatible with Windows 10, you have to use the latest device drivers.

If you have corrupted or old drivers for your graphics card, then its time to your GPU drivers. This will improve your GPU performance.

You have two options, you can eighter download drivers manually from the manufacturer website, or you can use 3rd party driver update tool to download and update drivers.

Method 3: Check PCIe Power Connection

If you have installed new PCIe cable then check your PCIe Power Connection with the motherboard. Make sure PCIe Power cable is plugged in tight. It may seem that it is unrelated to the GPU, but doing this has fixed some GPU Fans.

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Method 4: Clean GPU Fans

Dust can be a very common reason for GPU Fan Not Spinning issue. To clean the GPU fan, you have to switch off the computer and open the case. So try to clean your GPU fan. Use a small cloth or use a blower to clean dust from GPU fan.

Method 5: Make Sure The PSU Is Sufficient

If the power supply is not enough then you will face this issue. Your power supply cannot pass the required power to your GPU. So check the voltage of your power supply and then check again.

Method 6: Use Oil

Sometimes due to dust, GPU fan becomes so hard to rotate. You have to use some kind of lubricant. Oil is the best thing you can use. So use 2-3 drops of oil on the bearings and after a few seconds, turn on PC.

Method 7: Replace GPU Fans

If nothing is working for you then this is the last option for you. You have to replace your GPU Fans to fix GPU Fan Not Spinning issue.

Final Take

So that’s it for now. We have shared all the possible solutions to fix this GPU Fan Not Spinning issue in Windows PC. Hopefully, the issue is fixed now. Feel free to comment below.

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