Great Casino Game Developer’s Collaborations

The gambling industry is home to multiple experts. Aside from selecting the best online casino like from a huge palette of choices, customers are lucky to make several more considerations. The platform’s quality is significantly predetermined by the quality of its partnership bonds. Giving preference to reputable software providers and their exclusive innovations, even amateur sites are extremely competitive.

Microgaming, Evolutions Gaming, International Gaming Technology, Playtech — these are a few potential supervisors for your gambling experience. Their decent quality has already become a self-explanatory feature that is associated with their brand names. What has led to such adorable performances? It is high time to reveal the market secrets and pay attention to publicly available information that isn’t popular among users. Onwards!

Benefits of Collaboration in the Digital Workplace

Business management is especially trackable when brands cooperate with each other. You can clearly see their goals and what principles they maintain. Giants in the field aren’t likely to work with complete no-names. The trust in these relationships firstly depends on the potential partners’ prestige and reputation:

  • For example, NetEnt is one of the most privileged software providers for online gambling services. Its collaboration with such milestones as Universal, , Colombia Pictures Industries Inc., etc., is a wow yet expected scenario.
  • Cooperations between different gaming companies can also take place, with a sample of Play’n GO and Sigma Software onboard.

Engaged parties are aimed at delivering out-of-the-box content. Although the characters are familiar and beloved by huge audiences, such are another way to bring more life and realism to them. Here are a few more benefits of the analyzed relations:

  • Higher engagement of personnel is tracked. Any format of collaboration enhances individual responsibility and makes the general workplace more flexible and versatile.
  • Undoubtedly, achieving great results through collaboration has the purpose of receiving extra quality certifications, as well as incentives and rewards.
  • If a software developer lacks inspiration or motivation, it is a stunning way out. This format of work provides clear guidelines to stick to.

The Best Branded Gambling Software


When it comes to the most typical type of collaboration in the free and real gaming market, the creation of games that are inspired by famous motives is probably the first in this so-called rating. Some developers have been in the market for decades already, which makes their releases top-notch solutions for modern gamblers.

Given their basis on famous intellectual and historic properties, including other video games, books, movies, and so on, their tremendous success is simple to explain and track. Here are some recognizable achievements among branded games for casinos like CasinoMax:

  • Monopoly Grand Hotel by SG Digital is a beloved pastime for numerous fans. Its RTP of 95.34% is accompanied by fifty pay lines.
  • Beavis and Butt-head by Blueprint Gaming is a famous slot machine where the initial stake can be multiplied by ten thousand times.
  • Microgaming is one of the most famous software providers with branded games. Games of Thrones 243, Jurassic Park, and Terminator 2 are amazing for beginners and experienced gamblers.
  • The Mask by NextGen Gaming, Playboy Gold Jackpots by Triple Edge Studios, Tetris Extreme by SG Digital, and other advanced layouts — the list of samples is impressive.

What You Should Know About Licensing Royalties

Starting with, such branded games can’t be created just because you have the right mood for that styling. When intellectual properties come into the playground, casinos have to be careful. Signing a will provide a target casino with the right to use logos, concepts, etc., as part of their gaming design strategy. For instance, IGT is responsible for paying royalties to Sony for a legal opportunity to apply the motives for its own needs.

By checking what templates of licensing agreements are there in the market, it is simpler to analyze what collaboration movements are widespread in the gambling industry:

  • Scope of the grant — this aspect will define what intellectual property is the contract’s main subject.
  • Term and termination — for example, there is a multi-year licensing agreement between Warner Bros. Consumer Product and Playtech, providing the latter with a marvelous opportunity to style their branded games with the appliance of the DC universe content. On the contrary, their analogous contract for using Marvel characters can’t boast of such a huge termination limit. So all the developed games of this style are prone to expire and pull. The functionality of this parameter is clear. In terms of its efficiency, the more exclusive rights a casino achieves, the more productive its creative and critical thinking will be. They have enough time to come up with brilliant design ideas and create a product that will conquer the hearts of their audience.
  • Compensation — IGT, Playtech, and other providers with branded games pay the original content creators for the opportunity to apply their materials in a legal way. The ranges of compensations, their schedule, and other parameters are mentioned in the contract.

It is important to choose the right partner. Otherwise, such licensing agreements won’t lead to the expected outcome, as the following table implies.

Advantages Disadvantages
With the help of such consolidation documents, engaged parties achieve what they expect — more brand awareness among users, aside from increased profitability of their services. It is hard to predict what intellectual property will preserve its value in the long run. There are numerous brands apart from Marvel and DC comics-inspired stories, so casinos have to think twice before signing such an agreement.
Such agreements back up signing parties, giving more control to their hands. The risks to lose brand reputation and personalized prestige exist. In this case, if you aren’t professional and attentive enough to produce worthy software, advertise, and distribute it, the contract’s opportunities will be a waste of time and resources.
Without a doubt, this format of exclusive cooperation with third parties is beneficial for casinos, enabling them to break into new markets and hook up their audiences. The same is valid for original owners of the used intellectual property. On the contrary, working on ready-made materials requires fewer research and development capabilities. It can be viewed as a positive aspect, but it is a double-edged sword. Being overly focused on the need to comply with the agreement’s conditions, software providers don’t finalize their own projects.

Wrap It Up

All in all, collaborations in the gambling market are more than welcome. They help different engaged members to gain profits and their increasing brand awareness. Streamlining such processes, software developers and their professional partners improve their working atmosphere as well. Of course, such contracts can’t help but be useful and advantageous for end recipients. Who wants to miss a chance to play favorite slots and enjoy The Matrix visuals? It is a rhetorical question.

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