How Mobile Apps Are Changing the Driving Experience

People use mobile applications for almost everything nowadays. Our smartphones give us access to apps for planning, reminders, booking flights or accommodation, and so on. But in recent years, mobile apps have even started changing the driving experience.

Now, you may be wondering how exactly your driving experience will change with these apps, especially if you’ve never used an application like this before. This article is full of information on the matter so you can understand how a few apps may enhance your driving experience and make you more willing to be behind the wheel.

Solution Against Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is what often leads to vehicle accidents. In 2019, the U.S. had , with 3,100 others dying as a result of a distracted driver causing the accidents. Despite the statistics and despite drivers always being told to pay attention to the road, distracted driving is something that happens too often.

Many times, the thing that distracts drivers from what’s in front of them is their smartphones. Doing something as simple as checking a notification can put you and others in danger.

Back , with many being caused by distracted driving and leading to severe injuries. As such, the suffering parties had to look for to seek compensation – which is a very stressful process for everyone involved.

Fortunately, things may get better in the future – and this is because a lot of developers are releasing mobile applications that prevent distracted driving.

These apps can keep you from using your smartphone during your car ride. Thus, they make sure you don’t take your eyes off the road and don’t put your life in danger.

Money and Time-Saving Features

If you want to focus on saving time and money, you don’t have to worry anymore: mobile apps can help you achieve this. Many automotive applications bring features such as fuel optimization, panic alerts, and route optimization. The former is great when you want to .

What is even better is that you can save time and money through apps that perform maintenance and electronic inspections. Some apps will even let you know how much your car is worth in case you want to sell it or repair it.

Better Uber Driver Experience

It’s not a surprise that many individuals rely on Uber nowadays. It’s very convenient, especially when you are trying to get a lift at a specific time or get better prices on rides.

But the drivers have their own needs too – after all, they are the ones making this business work. So, Uber has started making some updates to their application to better benefit drivers. About 40 new features have been added to the application, improving the experience of the drivers.

Autonomous Technology

You don’t necessarily have to own a Tesla model to enjoy autonomous technology. Actually, many big car companies have started incorporating autonomous technology into some of their latest models. Such companies include Honda and Toyota.

As a result, people will be able to have a much better driving experience altogether, and their mobile phones will help them take advantage of autonomous technology.

Monitoring Drivers

Some mobile applications will allow managers to not only control cars using their smartphones’ screens but will also enable them to track the drivers’ working hours.

Managers can simply tap on their screens to control the car, and they can also use fleet management applications to monitor the behavior of the driver and track the working hours. Having better visibility over the drivers will help you ensure good operations and prevent issues such as harsh acceleration or speeding.

Enhancing the Experience of Different Types of Drivers

Mobile applications will not only be useful for passenger car drivers, but also for truck drivers. There are already a lot of that truck drivers use – especially for large fleets. This way, their delivery services have better quality.

90% of truck drivers have a mobile phone with a tracking device on it already, and the numbers may increase even more, especially as more useful apps are released.


Mobile apps are making the driving experience better for everyone, whether we’re talking about large companies, truck drivers, or simple passenger car drivers. The applications can help save time and money and may even prevent car crashes related to distracted driving. All in all, drivers all over the world will love these changes.

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