How to Delete Skype Account Permanently in 2020

Want to get rid of Skype Account? Here is a complete guide to Delete Skype Account and delete Data.

Skype is one of the most popular and widely used video calling services. Skype is available for Android, Windows, Android, and iOS devices. Many people want to delete their Skype account. But the fact is you cannot entirely delete a skype account.

There is an option to stop using a Skype account, which is by removing all your information that is linked to the account.

By doing this, other Skype users will no longer find your account name and details. If you want to close your Skype account, then you will have to contact them, and your account will be closed. However, here are some steps to Delete Skype Account in 2020.

How to Delete Skype Account?

Before we get started to delete Skype account, there are few things that you must know for good.

Right before closing your Skype account, the very first thing you should do is, unlinked your Skype account from Microsoft.

Cancel the active subscription if there is any and also cancel Skype Number if you have.

Also, remove the recurring payments by merely disabling the Auto-Renew feature. It is essential to set your Skype status to the offline mode or make it invisible.

And remove your identity information details as well from the profile of your Skype Account.

Steps to Delete Skype Account in 2020

Follow the instruction to delete your existing Skype account.

Step 1 – At first, you will have to sign in to your Skype account by visiting the .

can i delete my skype account

Step 2 – After that, open your Skype Account settings and then scroll down the bottom portion of the page. Now click on the account settings that are below the Settings and preferences.

how to deactivate skype account

Step 3 – Into the web page will notice the Unlink option, which is just a nearby Microsoft account icon. Just click on the button. At many times unlinking will sign out your Skype Account. If that happens, you better sign in again to continue the process.

how to delete skype account permanently

Step 4 – After that, a confirmation message will pop up on the screen. Click on the Continue option to proceed.

Step 5 – Cancel any active subscription or recurring payments into your Skype Account. To do that, you will have to open the settings into your Skype account and then click on the subscription that you wish to cancel.

Step 6 – Now, you will have to click on the cancel subscription button to continue the process. And then choose Thanks but no thanks, I still want to cancel for confirming the subscription cancel option.

Step 7 – And if you have purchased a Skype Number where people can reach you by calling. Then it is essential to cancel it right before you close your existing Skype account.

To do that, click on the Skype Number option, which is just into the Manage features page after that choose settings and click on the option Cancel Skype Number.

Step 8 – And if you are using the recurring payments into your Skype Account. In that case, the account of the Skype credit topped up automatically by the time when the balance falls into a certain amount.

You will have to disable the Auto-Recharge feature that is into the portion of the account details. To do that, just click on the Billing & Payment option and, after that, choose the “Disable” option.

So, now you have completed the process of Skype Account subscriptions and remove recurring payments. It is now time to contact the of Skype and inform you that you would like to close your Skype Account.


Follow the above instructions and deactivate your Skype account today. Always remember that your Skype number subscriptions will remain active until it reaches the expiry date.

And it is displayed in the web interface, and your Skype Account will delete entirely after 90 days.

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