How to Rotate Video in VLC Media Player?

VLC media player is no doubt one of the most downloaded media player used by people today. Whether you use PC, Mac or Linux VLC media player has millions of users worldwide. The reason it is most popular among people is that it supports so many different video formats. One of the most striking features of the VLC media player is the VLC rotate video. Many times when you record videos on your camera roll or mobile phone and the trying to save on your computer, the video is recorded 90 degrees. Well, that is the time when you feel most irritated. The one solution you have is to rotate your head or flip your monitor that is usually not recommended. But anyway, the best way to watch your video is using VLC rotate video feature. VLC media player rotate video a feature that is simple to use to enjoy your videos the way you want.

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So if you already have VLC media player downloaded on your system, follow these simple steps in a guide that tells you how to rotate the video in VLC.

How to Rotate Video in VLC?

In VLC player rotate video feature is very easy to use and can be done easily following the below mentioned steps.

Method 1- VLC Flip Video in Windows

Step 1- First choose the video that you want to rotate or flip and then right click to open the video in VLC media player.

Step 2- In the menu list of VLC media player go to Tools and then click on Effects and Filters.

Step 3- In Adjustments and Effects window tap on to Video Effects tab.

Step 4- In video effects column choose Geometry option.

Step 5- In Geometry click on the transform box so as to enable transform option. You must make sure that Rotate by 90 degrees is selected. Then tap on the Close option to close the window.

Step 6- Now view the video that you have rotated by playing in the VLC media player. Your process was done successfully.

Now with above steps, you can learn how to rotate the video in VLC media player in just a few minutes of a try. And if you wish to use VLC media player rotate video and save your recently rotated video then below mentioned steps would help you to do so.

Step 1- Now after when your video is rotated in the main menu, go to Tools and then Preferences.

Step 2- In the Interface settings at the left side of the bottom, you will get “Show all settings” option. Choose it.

Step 2- At the left panel there will be an option “Stream Output.” Expand the “Sout stream” and tap on “Transcode”. The in the right panel click on “Video Filter” and choose the “Video transformation filter.” Finally, click on “Save” so as to save the settings.

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Step 3- Then again from the main menu click on Media and choose Convert/Save option.

Step 4- Now use this Convert/Save option from File tab and then choose Add. This will let you add your recently rotate video VLC. Then tap on the drop-down arrow from the right side and click on “Convert / Save” button and choose to convert.

Step 5- From this convert option Choose Browse and select the destination folder. Give a name to your converted file (Video – H.264 + MP3 (MP4)) and also specify the output video file example MOV.

Step 6- Again in convert options now choose the output profile and then tap on Tools button at the right side.

Step 7- Go to Profile settings from there click on Audio codec tab at the center. Inside that Audio codec tab in codec’s line use the drop down menu. The list will appear from that choose MP3 and finally click on Save.

Step 8- Again go back to convert video and press on Start to start the conversion process.

Step 9- You will see a conversion process window is executed.

Step 10- After when this conversion or streaming process is finished then you can now play the rotated and saved video wherever you want and enjoy your music.

But before playing the video, you have to reset all the settings that can be done as-

Step 11- Go back to the main menu and click on Tools and then Preferences.

Step 12- Press the button on Reset Preferences from the same window.

Step 13- Finally close the window and re-open the VLC media player program so that the changes may take place.

The VLC rotate video is now rotated and saved successfully.

Method 2- Rotate a Video with VLC on Mac-

With slight variations, this same process can be followed if you want to rotate any of your videos in VLC using Mac.

Step 1- Firstly make sure you have latest and updated version of VLC media player downloaded.

Step 2- Then click on File and tap on Open file so as to select the video you wish to rotate.

Step 3- Under VLC click on Show, All option at the bottom left corner at the interface. Then Choose Rotate option and specify the degree to which you want to rotate the video.

Step 4- Now under Windows menu click on Video Filters.

Step 5- Now a box will open and from Geometry option then choose the degree to rotate. Once you have chosen the degree, your video will be rotated.

So this was the detailed guide to how to resolve your frustrating problem when your video does not play in the right variation. Using VLC media player, it becomes very easy to orient your recorded or played video in the right direction. Therefore VLC media player is one such player who is popularly used to rotate the video and then save it as well. I guess then VLC rotate video feature of this media player can be used effectively.

Thanks for reading this article on how to rotate video in Windows 10.

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