Know Why HiPP Is Famous For Infant Products

HiPP was founded in Germany in 1889 and has refined its products ever since. The team has worked to bring to you safe, simple, and nutritionally-completed formulas. It is approved and certified organic by the European Commission. The European Commission equals the US Food and Drug Administration and has even more strict regulations than FDA.

HiPP has certainly come a long way. The company successfully generated 280 products catered perfectly for babies. The range includes milk, cereals, beverages (tea, juices, baby water), and feeding products. Further, the range is expanded for lactating and pregnant women, including teas and juices.

Every baby has a specific set of nutritional requirements and is unique in its ways. HiPP’s product range includes with a specific purpose and understands the complex needs of babies. During the significant period of growth, nutrition is a critical factor that nourishes the body.

With a comprehensive range of formulas, your baby will be supported through significant stages of development.

This article is for those looking for the benefits of ingredients included in . Walk with us through the benefits of each component:

What It Contains

The primary reason why HiPP is such a trusted name when it comes to infant products is its composition. It contains all the necessary nutrients that your baby needs to grow to be strong and healthy.

Organic Palm Oil

It is easily assumed that organic palm oil has no place in adult foods, let alone baby formula. However, it isn’t that simple!

Palm organic oil is a vital ingredient in milk products because it benefits in replicating the fatty acids available in breast milk. Fat is a crucial component of breast milk. Breast milk includes a range of fatty acids required for energy and smooth development. Palm oil is one kind of plant that contains palmitic acid in rich quantities.


In order to deliver your baby with energy, healthy carb is a must! This essential macro helps your baby fight off the diseases, benefits in performing bodily functions, and gives enormous energy to function. Lactose is the healthiest carbohydrate found in rich numbers, naturally in breast milk. Further, it helps infants maintain a healthy digestive system by absorbing nutrients.

All HiPP formula products are lactose-based except some, such as HiPP anti-reflex. It includes maltodextrin, which supports babies with a sensitive gut.


Protein is yet another essential component that assists in the growth of the brain and other tissues. The first 12 months are crucial in developing their body structures throughout their lives. Therefore, if you are looking to nourish your baby with the best, opt for formula milk that mimics protein in numbers the same as breast milk.

Prebiotics and Probiotics in Baby Formula

All beneficial formulas include prebiotics and probiotics. Prebiotics is specialized plant fibers that defend good gut bacteria. In turn, it ultimately helps you healthy digestion and boosts the immune system. It is great for all babies, specifically for those who have digestive orders.

Whereas probiotics are similar to live bacteria noticed in dairy or soy products. It functions to promote a healthy gut and defense system. This benefits the digestive system of babies that are learning to adapt to complex foods.

What Are HiPP Milk Products Famous For? 

One of the reasons for which the HiPP product is famous is its reduced protein content, prebiotics and probiotics, and organic quality. Organic quality is maintained in all milk products. Organic quality is based on stricter criteria compared to those stipulated by the FDA.

The only sugar component added to milk is lactose. Other additional components include glucose and maltodextrin. Further, the infant formulae include valuable long chain, poly-saturated fatty acids. This makes an essential contribution to the brain, eyes, and nervous system development.

Prebiotic oligosaccharides and probiotic lactic acid cultures are also natural components of breast milk. The HiPP milk formula obtains the natural probiotic L.fermentum herediteum. Such elements are isolated from human milk.

The prebiotic element included in milk formula is galactooligosaccharides gained from lactose. These are also present naturally in breast milk oligosaccharides. Further, recent studies have proved that higher milk protein content contributes to being obese later in life. Therefore, reduced protein content is now seen in HiPP milk products.

HiPP produces an extensive range of organic baby food. Thus, as a rule, it doesn’t contain any genetically modified foodstuff or any such ingredients.

HiPP has been producing milk products for an infant in babies since the 19th century. Unarguably, they have come a long way successfully. The elements mentioned above are included in their comprehensive range of products that perfectly cater to your baby’s needs. The company delivers juices and teas for lactating and pregnant mothers too!

After knowing the benefits, you can opt from their range, supporting you in infant development and growth.

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