Microsoft Teams to roll out new Walkie Talkie feature

Walkie talkie was quite a success back in the day, and today they are being brought back to us by Microsoft. Microsoft is introducing a walkie talkie feature into the Team soon. This new addition to the Team is being made so that a secure, instant, and clear voice communication can take place between workers of the company. The idea for this new addition to the Team came with the realization that any smart electronic device can be changed into a walkie talkie by adding a simple push to talk ability into these devices. This step is seen as an expensive edition added by the company to its expense by many critiques.

Though the walkie talkie feature has been introduced in one of the latest versions of the Apple smartwatch series, thus, this step taken up by Microsoft could also be seen as a move to catch up or threaten the rival companies.

Microsoft Teams will soon add push-to-talk walkie-talkie feature

The public review for this latest feature, which has been added to the Microsoft team, will be done later on this year as reported by the company. Microsoft hasn’t yet decided if the walkie talkie feature of the Team would function by Wi-Fi or cellular data. The most important feature about this upcoming walkie-talkie is said to be the feature address a clear distinction between conversing on a walkie-talkie and mobile phone. With a walkie-talkie, merely the entire message you want to send will be delivered entirely to the receiver.

Unlike phones, there are no features of acceptance or rejection of a message by the receiver. One can already start to imagine how managers will be using this new addition while conversing with their juniors.

Microsoft has shown the walkie-talkie working on a mobile-based app, but speculations have come up that this feature would be working on both mobiles as well as computers. Predictions of also been going around about the number of companies which will be requesting Microsoft to deliver does walkie talkie feature for there office environment. Word has been that this walkie-talkie feature is explicitly being brought into the market for first-line workers. Experts in the field are already discussing the success of this feature.

Microsoft has been advertising this feature by going with the tagline that talks about employees to no longer worry about the conversation being eavesdropped by any other colleague or staff member.

One employee from Microsoft tweeted about this,


Yet, the official statement of Microsoft clearly states that the primary motto behind bringing this feature to the office world is to create a better and more comfortable means of communication. Furthermore, this includes the safety and security of the user as well. It can be seen as an instant workplace communication getaway for many people who prefer short talks only.

Most of the companies are going to be benefited out of this new addition at the Team since several offices have low or almost no network in their official building. In such a situation, getting hold of a person for any official work is practically impossible. With the coming of the walkie talkie feature, no such problems will be any longer be arriving in the official buildings.

Microsoft has informed that the walkie talkie feature can only be used in a specific geographical location selected by the official authorities. Bringing this walkie talkie feature along with more new edition to the Microsoft Team, according to report, is being done to empower the first-line workers of every company. Providing benefits and a secure, comfortable ambience to these workers will ensure a better and progressive outcome from these workers. As a result, the development and growth of the company will increase at a faster rate than earlier.

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