New Zealand Casino Industry Trends

The gaming sector and casinos in New Zealand have been flourishing and had a total gross gaming win of $1.6bn in the year 2018 which represented a CAGR or compound annual growth rate of 3.4% by 2018. Due to globalization, there is an immense impact on the casino industry and plays a significant role in the latest trends.

Casinos in 2018 had a total gross gaming win of $399.4m which was around 24.2% of the gambling sector’s overall value. Queenstown in New Zealand has been the largest gambling city offering 161 slots, video poker machines, and 12 table games for the punters. Sky City Auckland is the largest land-based casino in the country which is in Auckland.

There will always be new types of games, software, themes, payment methods, licenses to meet the requirements needed to build a player base. The newest casino trends involve a lot of factors which we will be discussing below.

Gambling Trends And Transformations

Gambling transformations in New Zealand according to are an integral part of the industry. Some trends are ongoing while some plan to implement them in the future. Trends like the usage of Bitcoins and other cryptocurrency payments are becoming more preferred and popular. Earlier, people preferred payments via debit cards, credit cards, e-wallet payments, Skrill, Neteller.

These payments are still used by gamblers but with crypto methods, the percentage of people preferring newer modes of payment is increasing and might exceed the percentage preferring traditional methods in the upcoming years. Many factors and impacts determine market change and no one can predict the future. However, one can definitely try to analyze and decide upon the changes that need to take place to boost up revenue generation.

Technological Advancement Over The Years

Casinos are coming up with Virtual Reality (VR) experiences for gamblers. It is possible only at land-based casinos but plans upon expanding it in the future. The VR glasses make the whole gambling experience even more lucrative. This technology has been in use for other gaming industries earlier. In the future, we can expect it to be as well. The three-dimensional slot machines with VR glasses would offer a 360-degree gambling experience for the punters.

Another popular trend that would take place is the voice command via smartwatches where one would be able to place a bet just by commanding the watch.

Enhanced versions of hologram screens for mobile gambling would also become an important part of the gambling industry.

Game Testing Agencies

With technology coming up with new innovations, the development of independent testing agencies will also occur. The Random Number Generation or RNG is used to determine the results of the game on a fair basis. To calculate the RNG number of a game, it has to see the results of innumerable spins and calculate the first number after zero.

These calculations vary when a developer looks for a second number after zero for a new game release. These trends ensure fair play and even more advanced computing, top-notch video graphics, themes, and sound effects are on the way.

Responsible Social Services

Newer rules and regulations would always be a part of the gaming industry trends. Upgrading them would ensure and prevention of illegal and addictive gambling. Responsible gambling must be emphasized at all times in order to save the overall harm to the country.

Online casinos want to bring up special interactive rooms where gamblers will be able to chat, discuss gambling, and compete against each other. For land-based casinos, there will be a similar room like a bar. Better live dealers, range of games, avoiding lagging issues will always keep improving till the industry exists.


The casino industry in New Zealand has been growing at a rapid pace throughout the last decade and will continue to grow even faster. Globalization has brought about major changes in gaming trends which have taken up the gambling market up the notch.

The popularity of online gambling is growing and greater access to them would transform trends even further. All these trends collectively aim at promoting legal gambling with socially responsible services in order to protect all gamblers. Boosting up customer care services is also essential.

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