Popularity on YouTube: 10 Tactics to Get More Likes

With more than 20 billion monthly views, YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine and the largest video hosting website. YouTube is a one-stop-shop for the viewer. It presents a wide variety of content such as entertainment, tutorials, news, sports, gossip, TV shows, and even movies. It’s an open market, evolving with each passing second. Especially since the monetization, the video platform has really transformed into a battleground.

Content creators seem to be in a constant war, striving for views, however, they can browse this and also get YouTube likes. This global competition brings out creativity and originality.  As a result, viewers get to watch new and engaging content on every visit.

Though for content creators, the whole thing is turning into a nightmare. They have to go through a whole process of brainstorming, planning and executing. Still, sometimes things just don’t work out, especially for new YouTubers, who put in their optimum efforts and still don’t get the appreciation they deserve.

The issue is that YouTube is no longer a platform where videos of jumping cats and dogs can survive. It has evolved into a premium video streaming platform with large enterprises dumping in millions of dollars just to get one of those thumb-ups. Now it’s a playground for marketers, who charge a ton of money only to put a video on the trending list. So, how can you, being at the very bottom of the food chain, snatch a chunk of prey from those who are at the top? If that’s your question, we might have the answer for you. Just stay with us.

Things to Ponder

Before we start, there are a few things that you should keep in mind:

Investment: YouTube is not a simple video streaming website. It’s a market and it follows a simple rule: if you don’t invest anything, you won’t get anything. The investment doesn’t have to be in millions or even thousands. Though you’ll need to at least have a couple of hundreds to start with. You can when opt to buy IG followers.

Time: You’ll need time and a lot of it to really make the impact on the whole industry, otherwise, things may not work out for you.

Skills: Even though it may not seem like it, you have to have a certain set of skills if you really want those stacks of thumb-ups on your videos. You must know how to handle a camera. You should have a basic knowledge of video editing. You should know the basic concept of SEO, and most importantly, you should have an idea of how the whole YouTube engine and its algorithms work.

Patience: The last thing that you’ll need is patience and faith in your abilities because things won’t change overnight and you’ll have to go through a couple of rough months.

Now if you have everything explained above, you can jump to the next section where we’ll explain how you can get more YouTube likes.

Tips to Get More Likes on YouTube

Here are a few tips for you that can really help you boost your channel and get those big thumbs-up.

Video Quality

One of the most important things that can earn you a click on the like button is the video quality. The video should be stable with proper lighting, and the audio should be neat and clean without any distortion. Think this way: you are making a photoshop tutorial with terrible audio quality and another creator has the same tutorial with sweet and smooth audio. Who would the viewer prefer? Obviously, the other creator will get the view as well as the like and you’ll be left with a hefty unlike even if your tutorial was better.

Don’t Waste Time on Introductions:

Wasting time on the introduction is one of the biggest mistakes that can earn you an instant unlike. No one wants to know your name or where you are from, especially, if you are making tutorial videos. So, get straight to the topic and don’t waste a single second of viewers’ time.

Add Multilingual Subtitles: Adding multilingual subtitles to the video will attract foreign viewers, and more viewers mean more potential likes.

Ask for Likes:

Asking for likes may sound silly, but it works because sometimes viewers may actually forget to click the like button or they simply want a reason why they should like your videos. Here are a few lines you can say at the end of a video.

● Click on the like button and let me know if you want more videos on this topic.

● Click on the like button to support the channel.

● A click on the like button will make things much easier for me and I’ll be able to bring more exciting stuff to you.

Add Animations

Animations can play an important role in the whole process. They can make the whole video way more interesting and engaging, and quick thumbs-up animations in between the scenes can really encourage the viewers to like your videos.

Be Active

Be active on the Internet. Look for topics that are trending and make videos that really ask to be liked.


Don’t speak on any topic without researching it thoroughly because an incorrect fact means a straight-up unlike.

Know Your Strengths

It’s very important for you to look confident on the screen. You should know your strengths and only play around those areas you know pretty well so you can be calm, comfortable, and confident.

End on a Higher Note

No matter which topic you’re catering to in your videos, always end on a higher note to take all the negativity away.

Invite Big YouTubers

Bringing in a few famous YouTubers from time to time will attract their subscribers to your channel, and that can really boost your views and likes.


YouTube promotion is a powerful tool that can bring a whole lot of traffic to your videos along with potential likes.

Spend a Few Bucks

If you don’t want to do anything explained above, you can simply spend just a few bucks and get YouTube likes. There are plenty of websites out there providing secure and reliable services for content creators. If you really want to go for this option, we’ll recommend you to go with VideosGrow. It’s a website with a proven record, reliable services, and most importantly, affordable prices.

Ending Lines

YouTube has evolved a lot since its inception. Now you can’t survive only because of your good luck. You need strategy and you need patience, and most importantly, you need to invest at least a few bucks if you really want to succeed.

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