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Introduction :

Sailing through the Telecom Analytics for Fraud Management portal consumer portal for the purpose of all subscribers is a good step taken by TRAI, and it is also significant in this web oriented era. The primary objective of this is to serve for details regarding active SIM cards on any user, and if they identify any sort of unrecognized number from this portal they can ask for a valid action like they will terminate  that specific number legal action. 

tafcop. dgtelecom. gov. in (Department of Telecommunication) has updated its feature, launched a fully fresh interface which is which have more feature than (previous domain relating to the site of TAF COP). Through the means of TAF COP Sanchar Saathi users can perform active sim records as well and they can will also have the ability to just cut off mobile/smartphones in case lost or stolen through the Telecom Analytics for Fraud Management portal Consumer portal if users get a device they can also go for the non cutting of it by following the below noted instructions.

Taf cop Gov In login :

Multiple users want this benefit from the Telecommunications Service for the sole purpose that they can register their complaints and take the advantage regarding the Telecom Services. The process which you will have to go through is the Apply For Login as follows.

  • First,you will have to go through the means of  the Department of Telecommunications Portal.
  • Now Here,you will go to the  procedure of Login.
  • Then,you will have to  completely curb the methodology of Registration here.
  • Then,you will have to come through the Details asked.
  • Then,you will have to visit the Home Page Again.
  • When You are done with the above process,  User Id and Password.
  • Finally, type up the Captcha.
  • Tap on the alternative of Login this way one can Login to the Portal.

Services offered by the TAF COP :

  • The Telecom Subscribers will have the ability to check the Services that are accessible on the Telecom Analytics For Fraud Management & Consumer Protection Telecom Analytics for Fraud Management portal interface. The group of facilities is as follows.
  • The Telecom Subscriber along with More Than a count of Nine Multiple Connection Registered in the section of their Name will be informed by SMS Service.
  • Also,you will gain the potential to verify the Connection Registered Under Their Name.
  • Also,lastly,you can even prepare  a Login For Status checks and multiple other facilities.

Conclusion :

Telecom Analytics for Fraud Management portal can be identified as an useful portal for consumers who want to verify and also circulate their mobile connections and go through the prevention of being victims of fraud or misuse regarding their identity. The Taf cop interface is way too convenient to utilise and provides timely alerts and details to consumers. It will also aid DoT to monitor and come up with the guidelines for the corrective assignment of telecom resources by facility servers. Tapcop will be identified as a step towards empowering consumers and strengthening security within the section of  telecom . If you are a cellphone consumer in the origin of India, you surely need to visit the TAF COP interface and verify what is the number of connections operating over your name.

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