The Best Pirate-Themed Games to Play

Even though they are meant to be the bad guys and often do terrible things, we have romanticized pirates and can’t help but be fascinated by them. We all know the pirate stories and how to talk like a pirate. Pirates are either cast as the Robin Hoods of the seas seizing treasure and burying it or are the nightmare version depicted in Peter Pan. Pirate culture runs through literature, film, and everyday culture. Whether walking the plank or being stranded on a desert island, we all know .

So, ahoy me hearties, let’s look at the same great pirate games to while away the dark winter nights. 

Lego Pirates of The Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean is the most successful pirate-themed movie franchise ever. Unfortunately, the games from this franchise have not been so great to play. That is until the Lego version came out. The action in the game spans the first four movies. The scenes are lovingly recreated with the humor you would expect from a Lego game by TT Games. Features include Elizabeth spotting the Black Pearl and the destruction of the Fountain of Youth. This game is a wonderful romp in which you tap into your inner pirate and collect everything you can.

The Curse of Monkey Island

Brought to our screens by Lucas Arts, this is the latest in the Monkey Island series of games. It is a point-and-click adventure with sword fighting and all kinds of other buccaneering pirate behavior. Thanks to its hand-painted backdrops, it is one of the best-looking games. In addition, it is funny and clever, so it will keep you amused and entertained. It has brilliant voice acting, as well as song and dance action. There is a great character called Murray, the demonic skull, and an array of pirates. 

Pirate Pays Megaways

For players who want more than sword action and role-play, the video slots offer the chance of winning some pirate gold for themselves. The gives the full details of this pirate-themed game from Big Time Gaming. It has six reels, and stakes range from 20p to £20. The game features Compass Wilds that can blow from northerly, southerly, easterly, or westerly directions. In addition, the Kraken bonus can earn the player free spins aboard this pirate galleon.

Rebel Galaxy

While we tend to think of buccaneering pirates roaming the seas in the 17th and 18th centuries, this game has reimagined the action in space. Rather than being out on the seven seas, the action in Rebel Galaxy takes place on the edge of the universe. You can choose to be a trader, miner, or bounty hunter. Obviously, being a space pirate is way more fun than an honorable trade. This is a game full of battles and treasure chests to be uncovered.


If you fancy some time away from the screen, there are plenty of traditional board and table games with a pirate theme to choose from. Loot is a compact board game from renowned designer Reiner Knizia. 

Loot is quick to play and allows up to eight players to compete to plunder merchant ships. The ships are worth varying amounts of gold, and the attacking pirate ships also have a scale of fierceness. It is a strategy game based around choosing the right battles. The game includes a set of trump cards featuring pirate captains and an admiral. Only a trump card can beat another trump card and defend the ship from imminent attack.

Forgotten Waters

Forgotten Waters could be the perfect pirate game to choose if you want a mash-up of traditional board games and . It is an RPG board game in which three to seven players have to work together to serve their captain but also have their individual tasks to complete. The app allows the story to build on itself and change direction. It also has hilarious voice acting.

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