The Best TV Shows to Binge-Watch This Weekend

woman lying on bed while eating puff corn

Sometimes, all we need for the weekend is a fuzzy blanket, your TV, and some snacks. If you are having a stay-in weekend and want to spend your days-off binging something that will make you forget about the real world, we have the perfect binge-list. You can watch most of these shows for free on a TV aerial. To get one installed by professionals, .


Your search for TV shows to binge-watch ends here if you haven’t binged this incredible series yet. Taking elements from Thomas Harris’s novels, the horror-thriller is unlike anything you have watched before. The series follows the story of forensic psychiatrist Dr. Hanibal Lecter, a cannibalistic serial killer who has made his way into the FBI to manipulate it from inside. However, when he is appointed to Graham, who has been hired by the head of Behavioural Sciences by Jack Crawford, to help in investigating a serial killer that is on the loose in Minnesota, things begin to change. He starts developing a close relationship with Graham and is intrigued by his ability to empathize with psychopaths. It’s a game of how long it takes Hanibal to break Graham’s fragile mind.

A TV series that will leave you wondering (and binging), Hanibal has three seasons and might be returning for the fourth one! The gripping episodes and the intricate storyline make for a perfect thriller that will have you clicking “Next Episode” till you run out of them!


One of the most famous TV series right now. If you have somehow not gotten a FOMO and haven’t watched it yet, we highly recommend you do. Euphoria is a perfect binge for the weekend with its extremely engrossing plot and amazing acting by the cast (especially Zendaya)

This (kind of) coming-to-age show follows the lives of high school teenagers as they navigate their experiences through school, drugs, sexualities, identity, trauma, and love. The show has already been renewed for a third season and is all set to finish off its second season soon (which means you won’t have to wait for a new episode!)

With Zendaya (Rue) being the narrator, the show follows her life along with her girlfriend, Jules; their friends Maddy, Cassie, and Lexi and Maddy’s boyfriend Nate and his dad. Filled with twists and turns that will make you laugh and cry, Euphoria has received many award nominations along with many awards.

After Life

This dark comedy-drama has just finished airing its final season, making it the perfect TV Show to binge-watch. Following the life of the newspaper writer Tony Johnson, who lives in a fictional town called Tamsbury, After Life shows his journey after his wife dies from breast cancer. He turns suicidal, but when that fails, he decides to take revenge on the world by doing and saying whatever he wants, no matter if he is hurting someone. However, things don’t go according to his plan as everyone just pities him and try to make him into a good person.

If dark comedies are your thing, After Life is the show for you!

The Witcher

The series just released its much-awaited second season and is a complete blast to watch if you haven’t already. One of the most famous fantasy dramas at the moment, The Witcher, deserves all the hype it is getting. Based on the books by the same name, the series follows three storylines in the first season – One of the Witcher himself, who works on a for-hire basis and kills monsters; Yennefer of Vengerberg, one of the most powerful sorceresses, and her struggles to become that; and Princess Ciri, who is on the run to find The Witcher after her kingdom has been destroyed.

No one is who they seem, and the plot of this fantasy show enraptures all the elements of fantasy shows that make them amazing. With battles, quests and characters you are bound to fall in love with, The Witcher is the perfect mix of action, drama, romance, and magic

Schitt’s Creek

It is a sitcom that has made its rounds by being one of the funniest and most heart-warming ones out there. The show follows the story of a rich family who ends up losing everything, thanks to their business manager, who defrauds them. With only a tiny town that the family bought for their son as a joke, the family tries to adjust to the small town and the life over there that they slowly start to like. With a forward-thinking approach that talks about sexualities, Schitt’s creek manager brings these topics to light. A delightful comedy with amazing acting performances, this show will leave you in tears from laughing. This witty and extremely sweet sitcom is the perfect TV show to binge-watch for you!

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