Upend Traditional Financial Structures with AXIA Coin 

is the first-ever hyper-deflationary blockchain network. Hyper-defliationary blockchain utilizes coin burning to help maintain the value of the AXIA coin. This hyper-deflationary tokecomics has unrivaled staking rewards,, inclusive consensus, and scalable and modular blockchain.


The blockchain network contains an inclusive, decentralized blockchain that is up-to-date, scalable, and fast. AXIA seeks to be the most accessible and widely used blockchain on the globe and it seeks to do this by providing a robust ecosystem that supports users in various aspects of their lives.


Here is what makes AXIA unique and how they are making a mark with their cryptocurrency.

What is blockchain?

Whether you’re in the tech industry or not, understanding what blockchain is can help further your financial investments in the future. Blockchain technology is maintained throughout numerous computers and each of those computers is linked within a peer-to-peer network to track assets. Blockchain is built on the idea of decentralizing information and creating secure, transparent data exchanges that empower people in ways that current data exchange methods simply cannot.

What are some of the benefits of blockchain?

For those new to blockchain and cryptocurrency, it’s important to know the benefits before you can hone in and obtain them. Here are some things to know about cryptocurrency that gives it a unique benefit and creates interest in potential investors:


It Creates Trust

In business, it takes a lot of time and effort to create trust. That’s where blockchain comes in. It proves trust between two parties by engaging them in mutual business endeavors which include sharing data, undergoing transactions, or other business dealings. The main reason trust is fostered is in the transparency that exists in Blockchain.

It Provides a Decentralized System

With blockchain, there is no centralized government or business that facilitates or enables trust. It’s just two or more parties acting in direct association with one another. Because of the decentralized system, that means each business has as many rights and powers as the others, it is all equal within the system. Thereby it builds on top of the trust because all parties have just as much to gain or lose, and act accordingly to protect themselves and their business interests.

It Aids in Privacy

Blockchain cannot be tampered with. From the moment it is sent out to the moment it is received the technology of transactions cannot be changed or altered, which makes it safe from unauthorized activity such as hackers or changing any of the information.

It’s Traceable

Blockchain is trusted because of its privacy. It’s also a fast and efficient way to trace goods and products. Blockchain can track the origin of items very quickly and confirm their authenticity.

It Provides Control

In a world of hackers and data leaks, blockchain is a secure way to send data because it gives individuals control over what’s being sent and received. Data is money, identity, and security rolled up into a single piece. One aspect of ownership and control that blockchain gives is the ability to use tokens to mint data. Tokens can be used on any form of data, which is a great way to secure ownership in various ways.


What are some of the coin numbers?

  1. Currently, AXIA coin’s circulating supply is at 5,374,270.79 and growing.
  2. AXIA coin burned numbers are 211,494,409.80
  3. The total AXIA coin supply is 179,788,505,590.198
  4. The price of an AXIA coin is only $1.00
  5. The AXIA coin is staked at 204,854,648,046
  6. The AXIA market cap is currently at $5,324,270.80


All of these factors make AXIA the next generation of blockchain that is created to strengthen large-scale adoption.


How you can get the AXIA coin

Now that you understand the benefits of blockchain here is how you can start your journey with AXIA today. The best way to get invest in AXIA is to open an account at AXIA Capital Bank as a way to acquire AXIA coins and begin to stake them instantly.


You can upend the traditional financial structure with AXIA Coin because the coin offers an unlimited bound of the blockchain-powered digital ecosystem. The ecosystem that AXIA is developing actually serves coin users and encourages their continued investment. With meaningful tools like wallets, scanners, and even a dedicated cellular phone system, coin users in AXIA are set up for success.


All participants involved will be rewarded with a system that has become the world’s first hyper-deflationary currency. It is secure, substantial, and promises a higher reward over risk than the traditional financial structure.


is evolving the way money is spent, invested, and earned with a new and better form of digital currency. Not only is it designed to create continued value as it increases a global community of members, but it is designed to give its users what no other cryptocurrencies currently are.


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