What are the Most Profitable Casino Games?

Being a profitable gambler is like being a rich stocks trader. It’s something lots of people have tried and failed. If you have the proof, you can use it to brag to your friends or start a blog or YouTube channel to teach others your ways.

Now, winning at casino games consistently is easier said than done. You need luck or skills to win. Importantly, you need to play these profitable games.

Video Poker

Video poker might not be the most popular casino game out there. But it’s a must-play game if you’re after profits. It comes in many variants, some of which pay up to 100%% of your wagered money in the long haul.

  • Jacks or Better: 99%
  • Deuces Wild: 100%
  • Joker Poker: 99.9%
  • Jokers Wild: 100%

Video poker is a simple game to play regardless of the variant you choose. Usually, you place a bet of between one and five credits. Next, you pick cards displayed on the screen. You then get a chance to discard some cards and keep others.

The machine delivers the final round of cards. If your cards form a true poker hand, say a straight, three of a kind, or royal flush, you win money. The exact amount you win also depends on your bet amount.

If you wagered one credit, the maximum you can win with a royal flush hand in Jacks or Better is 250 coins. But if your bet five credits, your profits increase to 4000 coins.


With a Return to Player (RTP) rate of 99%, blackjack is the best-paying card game. Now, RTP doesn’t always reflect your profits at the casino. You could still lose in a high-paying game, say if you’re unlucky or don’t know how to play the game.

More importantly, a 99% RTP still means the casino has an edge over you. In the long run, they have to remain profitable. That being said, learn how to play blackjack. It’s exciting, engaging, and can be profitable.

The goal is to beat your opponent—the casino—by producing a hand of 21. The casino plays through an employee known as a dealer. He deals you two cards at the start of a game. He also receives two cards, although one of his or her cards faces down.

If your cards form a hand of 21, it’s a win. Otherwise, you can hit for another card, stand or surrender. You stand because a hand above 21 leads to a loss. On the flip side, surrendering allows you to claim half of your bet back.

Fish Table Games

Fish table games are gaining traction in the online casino space. They’re growing rapidly because modern casino players prefer games of skill to games of luck. You see, the goal is to shoot fish, stingrays, crabs, and sharks to earn prizes.

But first, you need to choose an ideal . The objective is to find a genuine and safe website with a variety of fish table games. Additionally, you want an operator with fair bonuses, a mobile app, and a solid reputation.

After that, learn about different fish table games and how they work. In many cases, you earn points after killing a fish. Some fishes are easy to kill but they earn you fewer points than the fishes that are harder to kill.


Many successful gamblers play poker for a living. It’s not a surprise. Poker is a game of skill so much that it should never have been illegalized. So, why doesn’t everyone play poker?

Being a game of skill, some people are better players than others. So, unless you find a table with weaker players, you could lose every time you play the game. This forces some people to play games of luck, where everyone has a to win.

With that in mind, poker comes in many types. Texas Hold’em is the most popular variant. It features tons of global tournaments every year, with some paying upwards of $1M. Omaha Hi and Hi/Lo is the second most popular variant, followed by a 7-card stud and a 5-card draw.

If you decide to play poker professionally, choose a variant and stick to it. Of course, invest in becoming a skilled player. Luck can only take you so far in poker. Winning consistently requires that you be the best player at your table.


Baccarat is presently the most popular card game in the world. It’s particularly famous in Macau, where some casinos generate up to 60% of their revenues from wealthy baccarat players.

Like blackjack, baccarat has two hands: player and banker. The aim is to predict which of these two hands wins. Winning means producing a hand of nine. Cards 2-9 hold their face value. Aces cards are worth one while 10, king, queen, and jack have zero value in baccarat.

If you produce a hand above nine, say 12, the digit on the right becomes your new hand. As we mentioned, though, you can bet on either hand in baccarat, including a tie. A player hand pays 1:1. The banker bet pays 0.95:1 while a tie pays 8 to 1.

Slot Machines

Unless you’re in Macau, slot machines dominate floors and catalogs at most casinos. It’s not uncommon for these games to consist of 90% of a casino’s all games. The explanation: slots are huge moneymakers for both players and casinos.

Some lucky slot players have won life-changing money in the past. Think of the British soldier who hit a $19M jackpot in 2015. Or the Norwegian student who won $18M in 2013. For the casinos, slots generate money every time people lose.

Nearly every slot is engineered to favor the casino. So, they payout between 90% and 99% of wagered money. While a 1-10% edge seems small, it adds up to a lot of money made in the long term. And keep in mind up to 90% of gamblers play slots.

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