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The government of Andhra Pradesh has advanced the login email to open land records. With access to a centralized database of digitally contracted land records, the government hopes to address the unruly of fraudulent land records. The Meebhoomi management’s goal, which is to enable online access to land records, is supported by thesystem. In the past, residents had to go to MeeSeva centres and the tahsildar’s office for land alteration. The system is nowadays processing the occupied mutation. Read below to get detailed data related to the Portal.

About login email AP Portal

The Andhra Pradesh government bent the system. This online system permits the registration and tax departments to keep land-living records updated with changes in ownership by digitizing and then managing land data online. The revenue department superintends land records. The Revenue, Survey, Settlement, Land Records, and Urban Land Ceiling Departments make up the proceeds administration under the direction of the Chief Commissioner of Land Administration (CCLA). The CCLA performs both statutory and supervisory duties. With the use of Google Maps, land-dwelling may be digitally mapped, permitting the amount of land a person owns to be accurately well-known in the survey figures above. Land records are sown with the Aadhaar number.

Andhra Pradesh Objective

The Andhra Pradesh government’sAP web program proposes giving digitised versions of land records. The AP program aids the Department of Revenue manage intricate land records online and provides digital admittance to them. In Andhra Pradesh, the revenue administration is under the course of the CCLA, or Chief Commissioner of Land Administration.

Stepladders to Log in on AP Portal

To log into the AP portal, the user wants to follow the below-given steps:

  • · First of all, go to the certified website of AP portal
  • · The homepage of the website determination open on the screen
  • · Enter the Username in addition to the Password under the POLR Login section
  • · After that, select the quarter
  • · Finally, click on the login button to get noted into the AP Portal

Steps to Custom the Services of AP portal

To use the amenities of the AP portal, users need to follow the below-given steps:

  • · First, go to the official website of AP portal
  • · The homepage of the website will uncluttered on the screen
  • · Enter the Username beside the Password under the POLR Login section
  • · Afterwards, select the district
  • · Click on the login button to get recorded into the AP Portal
  • · Once you are effectively logged in, the dashboard of your account will uncluttered on the screen
  • · Finally, select your desired provision from the given list of services:
  • · Administration
  • · Reports/Checklists
  • · Landholdings
  • · Master directories
  • · Mutations


The system is a centralized system for stuff and land records management, which enables the revenue subdivision in Andhra Pradesh to maintain all land records online.

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