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As a planner, you know that you are aware of the fact that many things must go into effect during the operational period. But who generally or usually facilitates this operation? It is definitely done by the Planning Section Chief. This person or the individual is responsible for ensuring that the briefing runs smoothly and that all necessary and compiled information or details is conveyed to those who need and completely require it. Let’s dive into this matter through this blog.

Continuing along or throughout the series on conducting an effective and important OPD, we turn now to arguably or consistently one of the most important players in the role of setting up and leading the meeting or the operation. The Section Chief for the purpose of Planning (PSC). As the form of a leader of this section, it is your responsibility and duty to make sure all aspects of the Operational Period Briefing are addressed or said up as the including Resource Requirements, Timeline management associated, Activity coordination together with information dissemination requirements and needs too. Let’s explore and discover each of these functions in more detail and elucidate them as such.

Brief: operational period:

The PSC is fully responsible for ensuring the Operational Period Briefing runs and normally functions smoothly. This means or implies the fact that they are in charge of making sure all necessary information is conveyed to those who just require or get in touch with the same. The PSC will also coordinate and come together with other sections in order to ensure that all activities are properly coordinated and that there are no gaps and emerging lags in the timeline. Finally or just completely , the PSC is responsible or takes up the duty of or for ensuring that all resource requirements are met and required . This is a critical role, as it ensures and totally allows for that the entire team is on the same page and that everyone knows what needs or just urges for the fact to be done in order to achieve or obtain the objectives and goals of the mission.

Responsibilities of the PSC:

  • Ensuring or just going through the Operational Period Briefing runs much efficiently and smoothly.
  • Conveying and transporting all necessary information to those who need and urgently require it.
  • Coordinating and joining up with other sections to ensure all activities are properly and way too generously coordinated.
  •  Ensuring or making sure that all resource requirements are seriously met and done.


Thus,it can be concluded that PSC plays a critical role in ensuring the success of the or regarding Operational Period Briefing. Without the need and means of their leadership, the meeting would likely be less effective and as well as impactful and could lead to confusion and lags in the timeline. If you are planning or just thinking of attending an Operational Period Briefing as well, be sure or just ensure that to acknowledge the PSC for the reason of their hard work in making it happen.

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