Why is SEO for Lawyers Critical?

In the current digital age, it’s critical for all businesses to maintain a good online presence.

Attorneys are dealing with increased online competition, changing customer behavior, and technical barriers to online marketing. The need for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is clear.

SEO for lawyers can help your firm be more visible to online users seeking the legal services you offer. Today, SEO is a critical component of digital marketing for improving a firm’s organic ranking in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Before we dive into the benefits of SEO for your law firm…

What is SEO?

This is the practice of configuring your firm’s website on-site and off-site elements, so it ranks in search results for keyword phrases and terms. Modern generations no longer rely on word-of-mouth to find legal services.

A massive of people look for lawyers or law firms using a search engine. When these people look for legal services over the internet, chances are high they will trust your firm if it appears on the first page of search results. This also provides you with organic and more qualified web traffic.

Here are a few reasons why you require professional law firm SEO services today.

Website management is a full-time job

While creating an awesome website is the first step for establishing your firm’s online presence, it is a digital marketing journey foundation. Implementing SEO is not a simple one-off task, it’s a continuous process.

The web developer builds a beautiful website for your law firm, but you’ll need to hire a law firm SEO agency with a team of experts who keep ahead of the latest SEO trends. They also incorporate best practices into your content, so you are always steps ahead of the competition.

Aids in the publication of outstanding legal content

A person reading content on a tablet and smiling

Arguably, one of the most important benefits of SEO for law firms is the ability to post regular, relevant legal content. The content leads to your firm become easily discoverable in search results. The research, writing process, and posting of content to your firm’s website informs search engines and individuals that the site contains information that applies to user queries.

SEO activities such as guest posting and link building can improve your credibility. The reputable and relevant the sources of your guest posts and links are the more credibility your law firm’s website gains in return.

The content shows your online audience you can solve a problem or provide information that educates them on a specific topic. However, building credibility and trust takes time, you can always consult SEO for lawyers professionals in case you are having difficulties coming up with the right strategy.

These professionals not only help you gain more organic traffic but also create the foundation for a stellar reputation and high ranking.

A potential client is more likely to click on your law firm when it appears at the top. Optimization of content improves the chances of Google and other search engines displaying your page near the top.

You can also improve your firm’s visibility by adding location to keywords such as “lawyer near me”. Improve your local SEO ranking further by registering with and other online listings, so finding you is easier.

Plus, content on recent case studies on your website increases the likelihood that potential clients will find your firm trustworthy and up-to-date with trends in the legal industry.

Helps improve website design and functionality

The functionality and design of your firm’s site may affect whether a client can trust your brand!

Your website is the first impression visitors have of your practice. A strong design that’s easy to navigate is beneficial for SEO and visitor experience.

Websites may not provide fast access to information because:

  • They take too long to load
  • They have complicated menus that make it difficult to navigate
  • They have low SERP ranks
  • A search engine may have temporarily removed the site from its SERPs

dictate your site should be optimized for desktop and mobile users. By the first quarter of 2020, Google handled of all mobile searches. This means that if you want to bring in new clients through your website, much of your success hinges on whether they can find you in Google mobile results.

Helps you convert more qualified leads

SEO implementation on your website attracts potential leads to your law firm site. However, you need to do more than just expose the information to convert these leads in to clients.

An expert digital marketing agency for law firms can help you include excellent Calls to Action (CTAs) on your website such as “Get Legal Assistance”. Such CTAs encourage site visitors to take the next step and subscribe or sign up for your legal services. A CTA paragraph at the end of each article or case study gives readers an option of signing up for a consultation.

Adding a button to the top right corner of your website or adding a phone number gives all readers an option to reach out to you for questions. Your law firm’s website is the gateway to converting people who need your legal services into valued customers. So, your content must include actionable items so visitors take the next step.

Bonus benefits of law firm SEO

The letters SEO with a keyboard background

SEO requires practice and understanding.

SEO takes initial investment and time. But considering the long-term benefits it provides, the effort is well worth it. Here are a few additional benefits you stand to reap from SEO:

  • Establish your market position—Reliable SEO tactics put you in a position of trust and professionalism on the search results
  • Bring in targeted traffic—Optimization for specific keywords means your site is widely visible to your target audience
  • High return on investment—Efficiently boosting your SEO easily places you several steps ahead of the competition without straining your budget, time, or effort

Speak to SEO for lawyers experts

It might seem easy to perform SEO for your law practice, but it’s difficult to achieve the desired results without the proper tools and research. Plus, it may be difficult to find time to implement your own SEO strategies. Fortunately, experts can create an SEO campaign for your law firm with measurable and reasonable goals.

Does digital marketing look like more trouble than it’s worth to you? Check out our informative blog section for helpful tips on how to improve the ranking of your website.

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