Why People Are Talking About “Reactoonz”

Reactoonz (1) is not a new game but since the corona pandemic this online slot has caught the gambling world by storm and it’s not only because of its funny name. When it was released by this game didn’t catch much attention as it was only one out of several high quality games delivered by this talented game provider. Since the outbreak of COVID-19 the world has changed and so have we. We have been forced to lockdowns and social distancing but at least we are not lacking fun games. Games, movies, books and even clothes with aliens or parallel universe themes have become a way for people to make sense out of this strange time.

This is probably the background to why Play N’Go decided to release a follow up. Reactoonz 2 landed at the online casinos just as people across the globe experienced the second wave of the pandemic (October 1). Before the release of the follow up, the original version had already started to climb in popularity among slot players looking for some friendly aliens. With the follow-up it’s now fair to say that “everyone” who’s into slot games is talking about this funny-named game with cute alien-like characters. Some have even suggested the “ReacToonZ” look like a friendlier version of the coronavirus. This is what we all are waiting for and as happy as we are for a follow up to this cute game, we actually believe the original game deserves a fresh review as well.

Is This A Paid Game?

This is usually the first question people have when we talk about online slots and the answer is yes, but just remember, this game (I and II) can also be played for free (no deposits needed)! And the truth is, it’s just as fun! Many believe the free version of the game is less exciting but we can reveal a secret, it’s not. There is only one version of the game. The only difference is that when you play for free you will not be able to transfer your credits to your bank account or to another casino operator, but you can use the credits to play other games within the same online casino.

As with most online slots, the Reactoonz is very simple to play, especially if you stick to the original version. In fact, all you need is to know are some basic rules of the game.

About the Game

The original version, Reactoonz 1 is a “Grid Slot” with one payline and the follow up is a Video slot with 8 paylines. Both games are considered “high volatility” which means you can win big, 91406 coins in the original version and up to 5083x the total bet on the new version. Both games are compatible with all smart mobile devices, as well as desktops and laptops. The games encompasses a 7×7 grid and what most gamblers love about Reactoonz is that it makes use of the cascading game engine that comes with every win.

The Quantumeter and Gargantoon are central features in both versions of the game and it can take some time to fully understand the concept. It’s a great idea to start playing the original version of the game since the functions and features in the new video slot version are a bit more complicated to grasp especially if you are not used to playing video slots. The more advanced functions the game has, the more experienced you need to be if you really want to understand the many cool features, but just to spin the wheels you don’t need to know more than how to get the wheels to start spinning.

Before you start spinning the wheels you must decide on a maximum bet size per spin and it’s advisable to start at a low cost per spin and slowly increase the bet size as your budget increases. This is good advice also when you play for free. You increase or decrease the bet value by simply clicking the plus and minus buttons. Once the bet size is set, just click the big green button, which is the spin button and it will set the reels in motion.

I personally find it more exciting to start the spinning of the wheels manually for each spin but you can set the game to automatically spin up to 100 times. You decide how many automated spins you want but I would use this with caution if you are playing for real money. One thing to remember is that you are paying for each spin with the bet size amount. You can quickly run out of budget by using automatic spins and you may miss out on a lot of fun if you run out of credits too quickly.

Features and Symbols

Any game developed by Play n’ Go comes with some great features but a lot has happened in three years so the follow up game is packed with more action as would be expected. The new game has some new features and symbols on the grid but what’s important to mention is that the original version isn’t less entertaining. Both games have everything you need from a Play N’Go game including transforming wilds, destructing wilds, intersecting wilds, along with a Gargantoon feature. This feature actually adds 3×3, 2×2, and 1×1 wilds on the reels. Random wilds are available to enhance your gameplay also in the original game. The wilds will offer you 2x wins on four matching symbols that will show up in a 2×2 shape. At the same time, changing that will win you wilds during the gameplay.

Great In-Game Bonuses & Free Spins

There’s no dull moment when you play games from Play N’ Go and it’s because of the chance to play and enjoy great bonuses. If you are new to playing slots then you should know that in-game bonuses and free spins are rewards within the game that allow you to play a few spins for free.

The original Reactoonz has some great rewards like;

  • Implosion feature
  • Alteration feature
  • Demotion feature
  • Incision feature

If you have some experience from slots then you will enjoy the game bonuses even more. When the 5 meters of the game is charged, there is another feature that is added to it. The Gargantoon is available thereafter, and it will add 3×3 wilds on the active grid. Furthermore, the Gargantoon will then become two 2×2 wilds that will be followed by the next division into nine 1×1 wilds. If a player wins, then 1 of the quantum features will then be activated. Moreover, the instability feature is whereby the Gargantoon randomly drops 4 to 8 wild symbols on the grid.

If this information was a bit too technical then we can simply sum it up by saying that the Gargantoon allows players to have the best chances of winning. This is because it will enable 4 matching symbols to show up on the adjacent reel in a square shape. There’s also the changing feature that appears when each spin randomly chooses a low-value symbol. In the event that a winning combination is formed, the feature will then leave 2 wilds behind on the grid.

The “bonuses” mentioned here are more like rewards triggered by the game but thanks to the renewed interest in this alien-themed game, there are also some great casino “Reactoonz Promotions” available but these are only relevant if you intend to play for real money. Here is one link if you want to grab a deposit based bonus;

To Sum it All Up

We can totally understand why the original version of Reactoonz has climbed to be one of the most played games during the pandemic despite being three years old. Even with the release of the 2nd version, the original game continues to be popular. The reason is that games by Play N’ Go don’t get “old”. This game developer creates games that last and the many gaming features it has, are just as good today as they were when the game was brand new and the new version can feel a bit too action-packed to appeal to less experienced players. Very old games can have some issues if they are not updated by the developer to be mobile friendly but that’s not the case with this game. It’s completely compatible with today’s smartphones. Just grab your phone and you are ready to meet the cute ReacToonZ 1 and 2!

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