WSOP’s Expanded Partnership Allows International Players To Compete From Home

The WSOP has actually announced that they have some plans for the international part of their online bracelet events. The announcement helps to cement the partnership between GGPoker and the WSOP. The company is set to host two WSOP circuits and they are also taking care of the international part of the WSOP online bracelet event too. On top of this, it would seem that GGPoker is also going to be offering satellites for the main event. This is going to start on the 1st of August and it is going to run until the 1st of October. The usual partner would be 888Poker. GGPoker is quickly rising to the top of the industry, and it is certainly not hard to see why.

Breaking Records

When you look at and the WSOP, you will see that they first partnered up in 2020. They also have plans in place to break records as well. They have plans for 2021 and they are going to try and offer even more to customers as well. Steve Preiss who is the head of poker operations has stated that they are going to be hosting a lot of different activities and that players will certainly love what is in store. The schedule for the domestic part of the WSOP platform has now been confirmed and the WSOP has done everything they can to try and make this year more exciting than ever before.

Even though the number of ring events that are being held is identical, it would seem that the average buy-in has decreased. Now you have buy-ins which are all under $1000 and the flagship main event is $525 as well. This comes with a guaranteed $5 million. For the very first time, the WSOP circuit rings are going to be awarded to any cash game player. The top players with the biggest blind scores will then take part in the final.

The finalists will all earn cash prizes and the top two winners will get a WSOP circuit ring. First details have also been launched. In the year 2020, it would seem that GGPoker hosted 54 and this number has been cut down quite a lot. Now only 33 are happening and this is going to be done on an international basis. That being said this helps to put them in line with the domestic schedule that is taking place.

World Records

It remains to be seen if GGPoker is going to try and set another world record. The details for the next installment of online are going to be announced in the future. Of course, it would seem that the bar has been set when you look at last year, and if it is to be raised even higher then this would certainly be a challenge. That being said, the company owners have the goal of being able to provide more and more people with the chance of becoming a champion. They know that not everyone can, and they are also very much aware of the fact that not everyone can travel yet. That is why they are trying their best to offer an online bracelet which is going to happen in 2021. The WSOP has stated that they are the most recognized poker brand and that they are allowed to legally operate in New Jersey. They want to make sure that they open the service to as many people as possible so that they can then do what they can to try and reach out to new stars who hope to breakthrough.

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